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Thinking About Google Drive?

Google Drive for Work Delivers Profound Features In a smart attempt to address company’s discovery and compliance requirements, as well as data retention and deletion, Google has enhanced their cloud storage and collaboration product. Google’s Drive for Work now features an even more profound integration with Googles Vault data management

Using Data Stealing Apps?

WARNING: Have You Used One of These Data Stealing Apps? Recently, roughly 40 iOS apps were infected by a modified version of Apple’s software for developers. This prompted Apple to immediately remove a substantial number of infected apps from their App Store. XCodeGhost This newly detected malware targets compilers, collects the inform

Are We Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Part of the iPhone?

When the iPhone was originally introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007, much focus was put on the design’s elegance and its simple navigations stemming from only one single button, the Home button, which takes you “home” from wherever you are within the phone. The design was a radical change from anything else on the market at the time, with

Finally, It’s Simple to Switch to the King of Smartphones!

Switch to iOS App Launches to Get You Using the Most Secure Devices Back in June, Apple promised to place a migration app into the Google Play store – allowing users to switch from Android to iOS, and as of today, has made good on this promise. Move to iOS The migration app was first mentioned in a keynote at the Worldwide Development

Does Your IT Guy Sweep Problems Under the Carpet?

You’d Be Surprised to Discover What Some IT Guys Will Hide from You! Are you 100% confident that your IT guy isn’t sweeping problems under the carpet? BIOS Technologies knows you’d be surprised to discover what some IT guys will hide from you. In fact, we know that small issues within your technology environment can turn into huge problems if le

The Key to Working Wiser, Not Harder

It’s easy to fall into a lifestyle where you work too hard, and find yourself constantly thinking about work. Along with this, no matter what way you juggle your schedule, the number of hours in the day stays the same, and it never seems to be quite enough. To solve this, there have been proven ways to work much more efficiently -which doesn

IT Companies Are A Dime A Dozen – How Do You Know You Have A Good One?

What sets a good IT company apart from a great one? You may think that’s an easy distinction to make, or even that it doesn’t really matter – but you’d be wrong. There’s a big difference between a team who gets you set up and then disappears, and a team that’s dedicated to providing around the clock support and care. BIOS Technologies works

Creepy Apps On Your Smart Phone?

New Qualcomm Chip Alerts You When Your Apps Act Creepy When downloading an app, you must have asked yourself at one point or another, “why does this app need access to my camera, location, and contacts… And what do they plan to do with it?” Come 2016, you may finally get some answers. With new smartphones comes new technology, like the S

Your IT Company Fears Supporting An Incredibly Important Part of Your Business!

We Give Your Business the Best Mac Support! While the popularity of Mac products in the personal consumer market has made their appeal clear, did you know that Apple has lot to offer businesses as well? Apple devices are groundbreaking in terms of their speed, security, and ease, but it can be difficult for businesses to find the right IT su

Windows 10 Blows Users Away with High Praise

Since Windows 10 first launched on July 29, 2015, it has had over 15 million downloads. So, what do users think about Windows 10 – Thumbs up or thumbs down? Well, the results are in and the vast majority of users definitely give Windows 10 a resounding “Thumbs Up” with high praise for the system. Why are so many people hyped about Windo