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Are You on Microsoft Planner’s Invitation List?

Microsoft Office 365’s Planner has been revealed, and it can help your business in big ways. If you’re an avid user of Office 365, then you just found one more reason to stick around. Planner is a new project management software Microsoft has created to allow you to: Stay organized, Assign tasks, Create plans, Share files, Keep up-to-da

Secure Your Identity When Filing Taxes

Filing taxes can be pretty risky business when you don’t take the proper security measures. You and your company can be at risk of exposure if you aren’t aware of the potential threats that easy access can cause. Protect yourself and your company against security risks such as: Identity theft, New opened lines of credit, Access to fina

Move Your Business Forward with the Right Outsourced IT Services

Looking for the right IT Companies in New Orleans? Operating a business without a reliable IT support team could make your business at-risk for costly damages resulting from delays, downtimes, and data breaches. To remain competitive in today’s market, you need an IT team fully equipped to handle your unique needs and objectives. With an outsour

6 Tips for Reducing Eye Strain from Your Computer Monitor

Do you find yourself spending a considerable part of the day staring at a computer screen? Is it a computer, smartphone, or other device? All of this time you spend in front of a computer screen can be quite detrimental to your eyes.  Computer fatigue and strain are not good for your health. Here are 6 tips to help reduce strain on your eyes:

How Quick is Your Restoration Process?

Imagine losing access to all of your vital systems and data… How fast would you be able to recover? If you lost access to your vital systems and data due to disaster – from human error to virus infections to natural disasters, how long would it take you to recover? Can you honestly say you’d be able to get back up and running bef

Where Can I Go For Amazon Web Services Support?

All of the best IT in the world is nothing without the proper support. We know that the majority of business owners aren’t tech experts, so it’s often hard to leverage the full power of the technology you’re working with. At BIOS Technologies we know you deserve the absolute best, which is why we provide support for the solutions you nee

Surface: The Answer To Your Mobility Needs!

Introducing Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface 4 Pro, the tablet that gives you greater mobility – and lower costs of course! How can Microsoft’s Surface Book or Surface 4 Pro be beneficial for your business you ask? Our team of professional experts is here to provide you with some current information about both Surface models

Is Upgrading to Windows Server 2016 The Best Move for Your Business?

What exactly are IT pros expecting with the rollout of Windows Server 2016? What would make it a valuable upgrade? For one thing, they’re hoping for greater Hyper-V functionality – but that’s not all. A recent Spiceworks Survey asked which features are most enticing to IT pros: 31% said enhanced Microsoft Hyper-V functionality 20%

The Most Accurate Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016

A new year is upon us, and with that brings many changes. Cybersecurity is no exception, and discussed below are some predictions regarding the direction cybersecurity will take in the new year: Android Threats Will Become a Reality 2016 will see a rise in the number of Android threats being exploited. The Android platform contains many vulnerabili

FBI Warns of Targeted Email Scams On the Rise

Targeted email scams are on the rise, with attackers using email to fool victims into sending money to the cybercriminals by acting as a familiar source, such as a client, vendor or anyone else that it may seem normal to send payment to via wire transfer.  These attacks have been dubbed by the FBI as BEC scams, or Business Email Compromise sca