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What Memorial Day is REALLY All About  

It’s easy to think of Memorial Day as a convenient day off in a busy calendar and the start of summer, but we suggest you take a step back and think a bit harder about it. Millions of men and women have put their lives on the line to defend our collective way of life. It’s hard for those who have not made that sacrifice to really unders

Helping New Orleans Businesses’ protect themselves against hurricane damage!

Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the concept of protecting one’s business from the impacts of natural disaster is no longer far from mind. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, business owners were able to witness just how detrimentally impactful an unexpected storm like this can be. Hurricanes have the ability to halt business functionality and grow

3 reasons Internal IT Departments Need MSP in Their Corner

Internet IT departments need a “Managed services provider” (or “MSP”) to do some lifting. The “heavy lifting” includes cloud migration management, big data mining, and disaster preparedness (to name just 3) are what MSP providers do best. The Internet IT department, with the help of an MSP partner can stay agile

Milwaukee Bucks Financial Data Breach — A Slam Dunk for Hackers

As a business owner, you might not have the massive payroll of an NBA professional basketball team. You are, however, just as vulnerable to having your financial data compromised, and the crooks don’t have to bypass your firewalls or figure out your security measures. They can, as the following example illustrates, simply fool your staff into

Is Your New Orleans Business Protected When the Next Katrina Batters Our City?

Be Prepared: Download Our Complimentary Hurricane Preparedness Checklist Immediately. Dear Business Professional: I have nothing to sell you but “peace of mind”. Over 10 years ago, the city I have called home for all my life was brutally battered by Katrina. Many of my loved ones had lost everything. Even a few of my closest friends lost

A Look at Whether CEOs Should Be Held Accountable for Data Breaches

Should company executives be held accountable for data breaches? It is a question currently being asked in business and legal circles around the world. The threat of digital security breaches is quickly ramping upward as we hurtle forward into the age of the Internet and the computerization of just about everything. About One-Third of IT Managers S

How Can a Business Continuity Readiness Plan Help Your Business Weather a Hurricane Better?

Hurricanes are unpredictable. Some come ashore with the roar of a lion and the bite of a kitten, leaving little damage in their wake. They may shutter businesses and restaurants for a day, while the winds and waters churn, but do little lasting damage. Others, though, forever change the landscape of the cities they impact. Levelling neighborhoods a

Restaurants use Wi-Fi to Cater to Diners’ Tastes (and Help Their Own Bottom Line)

A restaurant is one business that caters to a customer’s taste, both literally and figuratively. Free and easy Wi-Fi not only lets customers get information about your establishment, but it also lets you do a better job of providing what they want — or even make them want something new. There are many ways you can influence behavior to

There is No Free Lunch

There is a dangerous tightrope edge being walked by business owners where it concerns “free” offers in data storage. CEOs, CIOs, and other corporate captains who require their company data be available at all times are finding themselves and their ventures compromised or “hooked” into so-called “free” offers of c

What Hurricane Katrina Teaches Us About Business in New Orleans Today  

No matter what standards and practices your company puts in place to maintain business continuity in the face of emergencies, Hurricane Katrina taught us all that Mother Nature has the final say. However, the lessons that we can all take from that devastating tragedy can help every business stand stronger in the face of even the most debilitating e