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Top Security Risks of BYOD in the Workplace

It may appear at first blush to be a more favorable option than utilizing mobile device management (MDM) of company property, but Bring Your Own Device or BYOD trend has some not-so-obvious risks associated with it. Perhaps surprising to many C-Suite executives, they are the very risks that MDM (and BYOD as a short-cut “fix”) is designe

Discover How To Spot Fake Tax Emails Before It’s Too Late

The IRS recently reported that hackers have accelerated their efforts through target tax preparers by using the tried and true method of email phishing scams. Like the majority of cybersecurity scams, these malicious attacks are designed with the sole purpose of stealing personal identifiable information, financial data, and Social Security numbers

Why You Need A vCIO

5 Ways a VCIO Will Help You Do Better Business Especially for smaller business who can’t afford a CIO, CISO, or IT department. A salaried CIO is not even feasible for most small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs), so the next best thing is a Virtual Chief Information Officer, or VCIO. What this amounts to is having a managed IT service provid

Common Problems Following the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and How to Solve Them

Many small- and medium-sized businesses took advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 offered to users before the offer expired on August 1, 2016. Then most took advantage of the Free Anniversary Update to Windows 10 that was released starting on August 2, 2016. While the Anniversary Update does solve a host of issues for Windows 10, almost all

Rollout Begins: Window’s 10th Anniversary Update

Some of the changes Windows will be making for its first anniversary. Windows is about to celebrate its first anniversary, but it’s beginning to look like their customers are the ones who are going to celebrating. As Windows is rolling out new features that their customers are going to love, we’re going to cover what’s so special

CRM: The Top Seven Reasons Why Customer Relationship Management is Right for Your Organization

CRM, or “customer relationship management,” is a whole lot more than just a communications tool. If you deploy the right solution at the right time, it can literally act as the “brains” of your entire operation. It can put the huge volumes of data you and your employees are generating each day to work for you and can help yo

The New BlackBerry: More Secure Than Ever Before

BlackBerry continuing its streak for being one of the most secure phones on the market. As long as BlackBerry has been around, it has been well known for its security. Thankfully, we’re going to cover the new Blackberry and explain how its security measures are some of the best on the market. With this being said, here’s a look at Black

Find Out the Good and the Bad About Using MS Outlook as Your Customer Relations Management Solution

Customer relations management (CRM) software is an important part of business growth, whether you have a startup or a small to midsized company. But with money always needed in other sectors of a young business, a CRM system is only seen as attractive and turns from “nice to have” to “must have now” when you experience an ep

Would Your Business Survive a Cyberattack?

Follow These 7 Core Strategies to Stay Up-and-Running Post-Disaster A cybersecurity disaster doesn’t always involve a named storm or a catastrophic data breach; sometimes, business as usual is interrupted by something as seemingly innocuous as a phishing email or worse, an untrusted opened attachment. The very slight but markedly important di

What Does the Workforce of the Future Look Like?

If the year was 1995 and you were to ask anyone, even a tech visionary, about what the workforce of the future would be capable of, they’d be hard pressed to arrive where we are now. Individuals in a wide variety of disciplines are working in ways that are more productive, more capable and more mobile than ever before. However, in many ways,