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The Importance of RPO and RTO in Data Backup Solutions

Data security and protection is everything for companies doing business in this computer-networked day and age. Going with anything less than an absolutely airtight disaster recovery and business continuity plan that involves multiple layers of data backup is a reckless move. At best, it can cost you perhaps half a day’s worth of business; at

Why Are So Many Small Businesses Not Buying into Better Security?

With the many warning signs and cautionary tales out there coming fast in the form of cyberattacks that highlight the need for businesses to attain a greater level of security, a surprising number of SMB enterprises are still opting-out of better data protection and cybersecurity. Why is that? The main culprit for this dangerous stubbornness is lik

How to Properly Erase and Dispose of a Computer Hard Drive

There are two main issues involved in safely disposing of old computers (one could say “recycling” is a better word than disposal). One deals with completely erasing hard drives of any protected, classified, or restricted-access data, and the other has to do with the eco-safe disposal of the hardware itself. With so much focus on so man

Beat It! Cracker!

How to Discern Between Crackers and Hackers While the pejorative term “hacker” has become largely synonymous with one who has malicious motivations, the more appropriate appellation is “cracker”. The difference lies in the fact that hackers (a.k.a. white hat hackers) are by and large internet security experts who create bett

How Ransomware and Malware Affect Small & Midsize Business

Many Small to Midsize businesses are having to re-think their disaster recovery and business continuity strategies due to the recent spike in ransomware attacks in recent years, but also because of malware infection in general and how it operates. Many enterprise owners and staff don’t even know what a ransomware attack looks like. And,

How Workspace as a Service Can Expand Your Business Possibilities

If you’re not familiar with workspace as a service, or WaaS for short, it’s a type of virtual desktop that allows employees and contractors working for or with a certain business entity access to a number of applications and data – and, from any location in the world. They can also do this on any device of their choice, and access