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Premium Presentations: 5 Ways To Optimize Your Report With Slideshows

Through effective use of images, transitions, and other features, slideshows enhance your presentation and help viewers remember everything you say When designing a presentation, nothing counts more than memorability. You could have the most innovative ideas imaginable, but if you don’t present them in a memorable way, you will never get cre

The Biggest Threat To Cybersecurity Is Organization Complexity

Organizational complexities top the list of possible threats to cybersecurity efforts. Throughout 2016 cyber security became a trending topic as companies across multiple industries sought to fortify their technological defenses against a growing number of hackers. Phishing scams and malicious ransomware attacks dominated the headlines throughout 2

HR Departments Become The Latest Victims Of Widespread Ransomware Attacks

In a play on the James Bond cybercriminal group, GoldenEye is rapidly becoming the latest ransomware campaign to attack unsuspecting corporate victims. Throughout 2015 and 2016 media outlets regularly covered cyber attacks on healthcare institutions. However, as 2017 begins, IT cyber security experts are now turning the spotlight on the latest type

Are You Ready to Make a Move to the Cloud? 5 Reasons You Should

Did you know that you may already be using cloud computing for your business without even realizing it? If you send emails, manage your social media pages or even access online banking, you are already reaping the benefits of moving your business to the cloud. If you are accustomed to the world of in-house servers, downloaded software, or applicati

How BIOS Technologies Provides the Best Meraki Support for New Orleans Companies

You need engaged, expert support for your Meraki technology, and BIOS Technologies fulfills this demand for companies across Southern Louisiana. We provide the best Meraki support for New Orleans companies who want to make the most of this Cisco technology, and here’s how. We help you leverage the most out of Cisco Meraki technology with han

Is Fear Justifying the Increase in Cyber Premiums?

Is fear driving up the price of cyber insurance? Read on to find out how fear impacts the demand for cyber insurance and what you can do about it. There are many headlines about data loss, breach of health records, and the record fines imposed under HIPAA that mark a legitimate concern about the risks that businesses face when it comes to cyber cri

Chrome Browser Surges to Most Popular in 2016

Google growth: The Chrome search engine is now used by 56 percent of Internet users, surpassing former leader in the browser space Microsoft Explorer. Many of us started our Internet browsing adventures in the 1990s using browsers like Gopher, Eudora, AOL, Compuserve, and Netscape. These were soon replaced in usage and popularity by Internet Explor

A Brief Guide To The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Accountants must ensure that their IT infrastructures are SOX compliance if they want to pass the required third-party audit. Accountants who work with publicly owned companies should be familiar with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). In light of the financial scandals of the late 1990s and early 2000s, this law is designed to ensure that investors hav

Enhanced Office 365 security features make the cloud service better than on-premise Servers

Did you know that office 365 offers cloud services? Find out how these services are way better compared to using on- premise servers. Office 365 is a trademark name used by Microsoft to refer to particular service and software subscriptions. With Office 365, one can store data on the cloud and get 60 minutes to use on Skype among other benefits. As

How to Spot Sophisticated Phishing Techniques

How to detect just about any phishing attack from the get go There are a few important reasons why phishing techniques are becoming increasingly hard to stop. As Webroot accurately points out, phishing attacks are similar to guerrilla warfare in that the attackers hit and leave before anyone can be detected. Additionally, technological advances hav