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Hurricane Harvey: Another Brutal Reminder

Natural Disasters Can Have Devastating Impacts on Business – How Can Local Companies Prepare and Bounce Back? Natural disasters, like hurricanes and tornadoes, can be devastating to any business. Loss of power, damage to the office and/or network and even damaged or stolen computers are just some of the issues that business owners must consider

Will Hurricane Harvey Impact New Orleans?

Why Your New Orleans Hurricane Emergency Kit Must Also Contain a Disaster Recovery Plan Although we’re used to storms like hurricanes here in the Big Easy, New Orleans business owners still are woefully underprepared for disasters, overall. We’ve put together some information for you that proves that your New Orleans hurricane emergency kit mu

#FunFriday: Fun With Microsoft Excel

FUN WITH NUMBERS! You Can Now Collaborate in Real-time with Excel. Have you ever wanted to work on a spreadsheet with someone, and the technology didn’t work as expected? If you’ve been waiting for real-time collaboration in Excel, it’s here! There are still a few glitches, but overall, the service works well, and it offers remote teams anot

Keep Cybercriminals Out with These Important Security Tips.  

Criminals are no longer just after your physical business assets, they’re ready to steal your confidential data as well. Keep your business safe with these top cybersecurity tips.   Keeping your business safe is critical. While you can install all kinds of physical security devices at your location, you know that you can’t completely prevent

What You May Not Know About Structured Cabling  

With mobile devices and cloud access, today’s organizations provide more flexibility for their workers.  However, your growing business still requires on-site hardware to store information on servers, or use powerful workstations with wired Internet connections for design or engineering. When hardware needs expand, it can cause “Cable Confusi

Peer into the Future of Web Browsing with Safari Technology Preview.

Safari Technology Preview lets you check out the cool, new functionality that will be available in forthcoming releases.  It provides developers with the best way to view upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS (including visual effects, the latest layout technologies and even developer tools) so they can provide the best possible experience ac

Flooding in New Orleans and the Importance of Business Continuity Planning

The difference between having a disaster plan in place and not having one could be your business itself. And, the recent flooding in New Orleans is just one more example of why having solid disaster recovery and business continuity planning is place is a must – not optional – for anyone doing computer-networked business today. Major floo

WiFi or Ethernet? The Choice Still Matters for Your Small Business.  

Do you use a wired or wireless connection to access and transmit data? You may not think that it matters which you use, but it does. When businesses set up, upgrade or relocate their data systems, they have a significant decision to make—What data can be accessed via a wireless connection, and what needs to be relegated to an Ethernet connection

Why Cybersecurity Is Job-One for Your IT Department  

Even the smallest business isn’t immune from the threat of cybercrime. Are you doing enough to protect your business from becoming a victim?   The ransomware panic caused by WannaCry and Petya affected tens of thousands of computers throughout the world. However, these attacks were just one part of the latest wave of an ever-increasing number o