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Ransomware Threats—the Good and the Bad News  

Although ransomware threats are real and dangerous, there is actually some good news to be had. By knowing what the good and the bad news is, in fact, people will place themselves in the best possible position to deal with these threats. Of course, these so-called “threats” often transform into cases of blatant theft and fraud. The people behi

The Equifax effect: IT pros and business data security  

Good advice from IT pros can reduce chances of a data breach With the latest cyber hack of Equifax in the news, consumers and businesses alike are scrambling to check on their data’s security, and taking steps, such as freezing accounts, to mitigate any possible financial damage. However, the best strategy is to be pro-active in protecting data

Do You Have a Cloud Plan for Your Business?

Cloud computing is popular, but make sure you’re ready to make the switch.    Business owners are considering whether to transition from running software locally, to join the millions of companies already using cloud-based applications. According to RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud, the majority of companies depend on cloud-based solutio

New Ransomware Threat Strikes US Businesses

New Ransomware Threat Hitting US Businesses On September 19th, Barracuda announced that they have been tracking an “aggressive” new ransomware threat. The ransomware attack appears to have originated largely in Vietnam, although other sources have been traced back to India, Columbia, Turkey, and Greece. This latest attack, following right on t

Ongoing Malware Epidemic Infects CCleaner App

As malware continues to adapt and overcome conventional IT security, it’s more important than ever to have powerful cybersecurity support. Malware remains among the top cyber threats that businesses face today. As malware becomes more prevalent and evolves, it’s more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to be aware of what threats a

Looks Like Scammers Are At It Again…

Phishing attempts are on the rise, and there is one message, in particular, you should be on the lookout for. Be on the lookout for any email directing you to Microsoft Office 365 Services Are Not Immune To Phishing Attacks Phishing attempts are nothing new. Each new wave follows the same basic pattern and uses ema

What is Business Continuity?

For Those Wondering “What is Business Continuity?”  Here’s What Business Continuity Is – and Isn’t The difference between having a disaster recovery plan in place and having a working business continuity plan is a subject of some confusion for people. There is a difference between a disaster recovery plan (DR plan) and having sound bu

Is Your Computer Security in New Orleans Rigorously Preventing Employee Cyber-Breach?

Most companies in 2017 are still not taking a serious-enough look at their cyber security – especially where it pertains to employee threat of cyber-breach. From micro-businesses on up to mid-sized companies, you have become the target of choice not only of cyber criminals outside your organization but those who gain (or who already have) access

Equifax Data Breach Compromises Personal Information Of More Than 143 Million Consumers

Consumer Credit Score Giant Equifax At The Center Of What May Be The Worst Data Breach In History. Atlanta-based consumer credit score provider Equifax announced Thursday that the company had been the target of a major data breach. This breach is thought to have occurred between mid-May and July of this year, with the breach finally being discover

Could Hurricane Irma Strike New Orleans?

Probably Not...looking at the latest models. Get Prepared for Hurricane Irma with a Proper Hurricane Preparedness Checklist in New Orleans - Just in case!!! With Hurricane Irma lining up to strike the Southeastern United States, New Orleans needs to be prepared for the effects of yet another hurricane. Quite simply put, without a proper hurrica