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Bye, Bye Server App! How to Run A Secure File Storage Server Without macOS Server VPN.

It’s been coming since 2010—That’s when Steve Jobs announced that Apple was going to kill XServe, its enterprise-level server hardware solution. Ever since that time, Apple has been slowly backing away from the server market. This slow death of Apple server ambitions has now come full circle for individuals and small businesses with the rele

Another Ransomware Attack Leaves Hospital Offline

Once again a hospital has been hit with ransomware, causing staff to rely on pens and paper to keep records and maintain patient care. On January 11th, Indiana’s Hancock Regional Hospital was infected with ransomware by an “unknown party” that has requested an unspecified monetary amount in bitcoins in exchange for the key to unlocking the s

Best Tips for Using Public WI-FI Safely During Mardi Gras

With Mardi Gras fast approaching, there will be a million people in New Orleans all looking for fun times, and good Internet connections. (Okay, maybe not all one million of them — but enough to keep you on your toes.) Using public WiFi safely during Mardi Gras will require using your common sense and following some basic rules. Here are the to

LinkedIn: Brands and the Rules of Engagement

Social is here to stay. That’s the unanimous sentiment regarding social media as a communication tool – and as a marketing channel. LinkedIn launched publicly before Facebook (2003 and 2006, respectively), and in these past 15 years we’ve seen an evolution, and some might say a revolution. Social media has redefined how society interacts, ev

Amazon’s Echo for Visually Impaired Employees

If you employ a person who is blind or visually impaired, you know that you must make accommodations to minimize or eliminate workplace barriers. By doing this, you not only ensure their safety but their productivity. In some instances, making these accommodations can be costly, so you must take into account the value of making them. However, inst

5 Tips For Writing The Perfect InMail Message To Make LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn’s InMail can be a powerful communication tool once you’ve figured out to craft messages people will actually want to respond to. Anyone who has had a completed LinkedIn profile for any length of time will have at least a passing familiarity with InMail, the social platform’s messaging feature. InMail has the potential to be a very p

Net Neutrality in Everyday Life

We’ve all heard the words “net neutrality” bouncing around for the past few months. Many of us have no idea what this term means, even though we benefit from them every day. Here is what you need to know about this important topic. When you go on the internet you are first brought to your home page of your chosen search engine. For some peop

Did You Know That Texts Could Be a Threat to Your HIPAA Compliance?

Text is an umbrella term that covers any electronically transmitted written message between two devices—And it’s is a widely used form of communication today. Texts are showing up in both our personal and work lives on a daily basis. In fact, even medical practices have been using instant messaging more frequently to communicate to coworkers an

Is It Time To Retire That Old Server?

You may have been using your server for years, and haven’t noticed any decline in performance. But what if I were to tell you that servers lose efficiency the longer you use them? It’s important to use devices that are up to date and function at peak performance—Which is why you should think about replacing your server if you haven’t done

Employee Awareness Training—Your First Line of Defense Against Cyber Threats.

An increasing number of information security officers agree that awareness training for employees is the number-one defense against cybersecurity threats. In fact, the nation’s first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Greg Touhill, said that if he had extra money to spend on security, he would spend it training employees. This statement w