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If You’re Going To Fight Like Rocky, You Better Have A Manager Like Mickey Goldmill

How Managed IT Support Services Help Your New Orleans Business Compete. If you’ve never been to Philadelphia and watched the tourists run up the stairs outside the Museum of Art and throw their hands in the air, you may not quite understand the ongoing impact of the Rocky movie series. There, in the middle of the city (and in front of dozens

The Future We’ve All Been Eagerly Anticipating Is Here – Are You Ready?

The standard of next-generation telecommunication is no longer the future, but the present. You’re probably not using it, even though you should be, and you may have to wait. When casual conversations bring up speed, it’s inevitable we hear the clichés about “faster than the speed of sound” or “faster than the speed of light”. Sometime

Your Small Business Needs a vCIO to Manage These 10 Technology Priorities for 2018

If you’re the owner or CEO of a small business, then you’re probably already functioning as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) as well. Most small businesses can’t justify paying for both. This means you have to take time from your priorities to manage your technology, ensure that it’s secure and decide what IT solutions to use. It’s not

Will Apple Stop Spying And Give Users More Control?

We all hear the rumors, the buzz, and constant speculation any time there is a hotly-anticipated iOS release hyped at an Apple keynote. We read the online gossip about the features announced and compare past keynotes. If you’re reading this, you’ve been there. We have, too. More importantly, we ask the same questions. Will my current iPhone or

Is Facebook Spying for the Government?

Social media is big business and has the potential to drive millions of visitors to websites, engage directly with customers on a public platform, and solve – or create – problems in real time. What is the future of “social business”? Twenty years ago, marketing and promotions were simple and straightforward. The majority of efforts were f

The Latest Expansions To Microsoft Office 365 Will WOW You!

The wildly popular subscription-based Microsoft Office 365 offers an ever-expanding application gallery. The latest additions to the line-up are sure to excite professional users. The professional landscape today appears quite different from photos of workspaces and desktops 30 years ago. For one, shoulder pads are no longer as common! At one poin

Hey You – STOP Giving Your Time Away For Free!

Technology has made it possible for you to get more done in less time. Are efficiency and productivity always a good thing? Technology and telecommute: Two fabulous words that start with the same letter, and one is very much dependent on the other. The “tele” in “telecommute” certainly isn’t short for “telepathy” – though imagine h

Must-Know SEO: Info Secrets to Maximizing Your Website’s Google Search Ranking

  Google is the number-one search engine. It’s the one people go to when they have a question they need to be answered or are looking for a business to serve their particular needs. Google, like the terms Kleenex and Clorox, has become part of our daily vernacular. When you search for something online, you’re “Googling” it. What is SEO

Want Your World At Your Fingertips In Just One Simple Step? You Got It!

The digital revolution has changed our world in unimaginable ways – and for the better! Tools and applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote aim to make our lives easier, in one simple step. Have you ever stopped to think about Microsoft’s naming convention? It’s probably not something that crosses your mind as you open a Micro

Another Day, Another Major Data Breach – 20 Tips to Protect Your Business in 2018

Over Easter weekend, hackers stole 5 million credit and debit card numbers that were used at Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off Fifth, Lord & Taylor, and Canada-based Hudson’s Bay Company. The personal information of customers who shopped at these stores is now compromised. Most of the stolen card data — which goes all the way back to May 17 — was