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Why Do Architectural Firms Need Managed IT Services?

If you’re running a busy architectural firm, you probably don’t have much time to think about your technology. Yet, you expect IT solutions to always work for you and perform optimally at all times. If you use Managed IT Services, they will.

Managed IT Services Take The Worry Out Technology

Some architectural firms try to shift IT responsibilities to the most competent person on their staff. They believe this will save them money. However, this is a big mistake because it ends up costing them in the long run; not only in money but also in lost data and their good reputation.

With Managed IT Services, you can overcome technology challenges with the right, cost-effective solutions. It ensures that your technology runs efficiently and securely. Your technology will be optimized, flexible, automated, protected, backed-up, recoverable, and available 24/7.

You Require A High-Level Of IT Service Today

Managed IT Services provides the highest level of service you can receive for an affordable monthly fee that’s easy to budget for. You’ll have experienced and knowledgeable technicians who will proactively monitor, manage and maintain your entire IT infrastructure. They will ensure that you have the most up-to-date hardware and software and you won’t have to worry about huge technology expenses.

You Need 24/7 Access To Your Data

As an architect, you must have secure access to your applications and data 24×7, whether you’re in the field or on the road. With Managed IT Services, you’ll never have to worry about technology issues or access to your data.

Managed IT Services ensures that your data is available no matter what, with reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions as well as proactive, comprehensive IT service and solutions that work the way you need them to.

You Can Get Customized IT Services

You also require a customized IT strategy that evolves as your needs do; one that offers speed, flexibility, security, and maximum network uptime.

With Managed IT Services, you can get customized services that address all your unique technology needs. You’ll never have to pay for services you really don’t need.

And, you can benefit from customized platforms to collaborate in real-time and see what individuals are working on while increasing your communication capabilities.

Managed IT Services provide a highly reliable and flexible solution that can grow as your architectural firm does.

You Need Secure Technology

Right now, security is on everyone’s mind. Your Managed IT Services Provider can provide a comprehensive plan detailing how cybersecurity gets addressed and monitor your network for intrusions or infections.

Proactive Managed IT Services help your staff store and access information securely and perform their day-to-day responsibilities without worrying about whether technology will fail or fall into the hands of criminals.

From vulnerability scanning, security assessments and policy development, to security awareness training for your employees Managed IT Services protect your architectural firm’s IT with a comprehensive solution that’s proven to work.

Managed IT Supports Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can dramatically enhance how your staff works together.

  • The Cloud lets you work on your own schedule, no matter the location or time of day.
  • It’s a more secure way to store your clients’ confidential information and large files.
  • It changes the game for your interaction with clients with better collaboration and increased transparency.
  • For firms that have employees and clients in different locations, it allows everyone to access up-to-date digital files from anywhere at any time, with real-time interaction.
  • Cloud solutions help small architectural firms that are resource-challenged. Small firms can compete with larger firms.
  • Cloud software and hardware solutions provide increased scalability. You pay per user so you can add or decrease services at any time.
  • You’ll benefit from daily data backups and tests for recoverability for disaster recovery and business continuity so you can access your files from wherever you have an internet connection.

 Why Else Should Your Architectural Firm Consider Managed IT Services?

  • For reduced hardware, software, service, and support costs.
  • You’ll benefit from improved quality of service with fewer IT failures and increased productivity.
  • Setup of your network infrastructures, internet, firewalls, wireless, phones, antivirus, backups and more.
  • Gain ready access to the most current technology products and applications without you investing in expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • Have the ability to stick to your IT budget with no costly surprises.
  • Prevent IT issues before they occur with proactive monitoring of your network.
  • Receive service and support from specialists who are trained on the latest servers, software, and networking equipment.
  • You’ll have remote access for the support you require, with 24/7 help-desk hours, and onsite support when you need it.
  • Automated patch management, system optimization, web content filtering and threat protection.
  • A Business Continuity Plan ensures your data is always secure and accessible no matter the situation, and automatic data backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Mobile Device Monitoring solutions will keep your staff from leaving with your confidential digital information.
  • Get security for your IT infrastructure using offsite physically protected and redundant data centers.
  • Email hosting services will encrypt your emails and keep them safe both in storage and transit.
  • You’ll have Secure Wi-Fi solutions to keep intruders off your network
  • Much more.

With Managed IT Services You’ll Have a Complete Outsourced IT Department

Hiring IT staff is expensive. When you sign up for Managed IT Services and outsource your technology needs, you’ll have an entire team of IT specialists for so much less.

And Just like you’ve developed business plan for your firm, your Managed Service Provider will design a plan to make the most of your technology budget and advise you as new technologies emerge. You can take advantage of their CIO services without hiring one.


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