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What are Targeted Attacks?

Targeted attacks are threats aimed directly as specific categories. These are called Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). These threats are created specifically to victimize a certain individual or organization. The experts at welivesecurity indicate that APTs have special objectives: Pursue its objectives repeatedly over an extended period of time Adapts to defenders’ efforts to resist Determine […]

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Beware: Amazon Phishing Email Makes Rounds Around the Internet

It’s no secret that everyone is vulnerable to malware attacks, from recreating internet users to the largest of corporations. Phishing emails are amongst the biggest concerns, wherein hackers try to fool the recipient into opening a link received via email. The link the takes the clicker to a site where personal information is being requested. […]

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How a Strategic Move to The Cloud Will Benefit Your Small Business

The benefits of the cloud are wide ranging and unique depending on every circumstance  – unfortunately, most small business owners don’t quite understand how or why the cloud will work for them. What’s important to recognize is that working with the cloud is extremely flexible and customizable, and that’s where BIOS Technologies comes in. Our […]

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What Happens If You Wake Up Tomorrow, And Your Data Is Gone?

What would you do? Would you panic?  Would your vital information be lost forever? Wouldn’t you want to ensure that you would never have to worry about that happening in the first place? We are here to uncover potentially costly threats you are not even aware are there! Just because you installed an anti-virus program […]

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Stay Prepared for ANY Data Loss Scenario

There’s a multitude of ways data loss can occur, but we take all risks into consideration to make sure you’re prepared to recover from any data loss scenario. You depend on a series of interconnected systems that keep your company going, and if a disaster leaves one or more of those systems unusable, productivity throughout […]

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How Much Downtime Can You Stand?

Do you ever get scared thinking about how long it would take you to recover from disaster? We all know downtime is inevitable. It’s no secret: information technology isn’t perfect – hardware breaks, software doesn’t work properly, equipment becomes outdated, and of course, disasters happen in a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a natural disaster, human […]

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Is Your Internal IT Technician Just Not Cutting It?

Your Internal IT  Technician Could Be Costing You Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Revenue Loss Each Year… In today’s day and age, most businesses are facing relentless competition, increasingly complex regulatory requirements, and rapidly evolving customer expectations that leaves them depending on information technology more than ever before. There are certainly benefits to having […]

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Microsoft Office Showdown: Purchase vs. Subscribe

IT departments tend to acquire computing assets in order to perform their daily duties. It’s a given that IT needs to be refreshed in a relentless cycle. Hardware and software break and can become outdated along with the needs of your organization. If you want a taste of Microsoft Office 2016, you’ll need to subscribe […]

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4 Considerations for Law Firms Moving to the Cloud

Making the move to the cloud is an excellent choice for legal firms. You’re able to maximize organization and space of important documents while ensuring simplified access whenever necessary. There is some risk that comes along with the move, but these 4 tips will help you have a smooth transition: Be Prepared You need to […]

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The Ultimate Trick to Making Money Despite Disaster 

Losing data means losing money in wasted time and unproductive staff members – but that’s not all, there’s also regulatory fines, reputational damage, and potential lawsuits that could leave you riddled in debt. Imagine losing access to all of your important files. How much money would you lose while you’re struggling to communicate with customers, […]

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Patch Tuesday Leaves Outlook Users Outraged

Microsoft’s recent Patch Tuesday brought four critical updates, as well as eight important updates, in an attempt to resolve 54 reported vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. KB 3097877, part of security bulletin MS15-115, was found to cause a multitude of issues for those using Outlook, including the following: Crashing when opening web-formatted […]

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