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Life-Threatening Flash Flooding Hits Businesses from Texas to Louisiana

The rain continues to fall with dangerously high levels of water – unleashing 4-8 inches of flash flooding across Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Patricia’s moisture is contributing to the flooding – causing businesses throughout the area to worry about whether or not they’re be able to operate or face losing days of take-home profit. The […]

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How to Elect For The Section 179 Deduction

The Section 179 Deduction is designed to help small business owners invest further into their companies – receiving a tax break for equipment that’s purchased for the company. Under Section 179, a taxpayer is able to treat the cost of equipment as an expense that’s not chargeable to capital account. To take advantage of Section […]

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3 Ways Hackers Are Robbing You Blind

There is no doubt that we live in an advanced technological age, and as much as we like to think we are protected, it is important to know that the people at the apex of these innovations are the hackers and cyber criminals that are making the internet unsafe. By selling your personal data, hacking […]

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Small Business Owner?

You May Be Entitled To More Than You Realize Come Tax Time. If you are a small business owner with lots of equipment, then the sections 179 deductible may be able to help you save on your income tax. Section 179 of the IRS tax code states that businesses are allowed to deduct the cost […]

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Time For Microsoft Office 2016?

Are You Sure That You’re Getting The Most Out Of Microsoft 2016? Last month, Microsoft released their latest version of the now 25-year-old Office application suite with Office 2016. The new features offer exciting advances for collaboration, making it easier for users to work together. BIOS Technologies wants to help your Metairie business get more […]

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Beware: Intricate Scam Targets Job Seekers – Landing Them in Hot Water Fast!

Everything You Need to Know About Reshipping Scams Credit card fraudsters are continuously coming up with increasingly clever and mendacious ways to scam your credit card. But one long used practice that has proven quite reliable (from a thief’s standpoint) is re-shipping scams, which manage the shipment and repurchase of carded consumer goods (mostly high […]

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Thinking About Google Drive?

Google Drive for Work Delivers Profound Features In a smart attempt to address company’s discovery and compliance requirements, as well as data retention and deletion, Google has enhanced their cloud storage and collaboration product. Google’s Drive for Work now features an even more profound integration with Googles Vault data management and e-discovery service that is […]

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Using Data Stealing Apps?

WARNING: Have You Used One of These Data Stealing Apps? Recently, roughly 40 iOS apps were infected by a modified version of Apple’s software for developers. This prompted Apple to immediately remove a substantial number of infected apps from their App Store. XCodeGhost This newly detected malware targets compilers, collects the information on their devices, […]

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Are We Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Part of the iPhone?

When the iPhone was originally introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007, much focus was put on the design’s elegance and its simple navigations stemming from only one single button, the Home button, which takes you “home” from wherever you are within the phone. The design was a radical change from anything else on the market […]

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Finally, It’s Simple to Switch to the King of Smartphones!

Switch to iOS App Launches to Get You Using the Most Secure Devices Back in June, Apple promised to place a migration app into the Google Play store – allowing users to switch from Android to iOS, and as of today, has made good on this promise. Move to iOS The migration app was first […]

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Does Your IT Guy Sweep Problems Under the Carpet?

You’d Be Surprised to Discover What Some IT Guys Will Hide from You! Are you 100% confident that your IT guy isn’t sweeping problems under the carpet? BIOS Technologies knows you’d be surprised to discover what some IT guys will hide from you. In fact, we know that small issues within your technology environment can […]

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