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The Key to Working Wiser, Not Harder

It’s easy to fall into a lifestyle where you work too hard, and find yourself constantly thinking about work. Along with this, no matter what way you juggle your schedule, the number of hours in the day stays the same, and it never seems to be quite enough. To solve this, there have been proven […]

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Creepy Apps On Your Smart Phone?

New Qualcomm Chip Alerts You When Your Apps Act Creepy When downloading an app, you must have asked yourself at one point or another, “why does this app need access to my camera, location, and contacts… And what do they plan to do with it?” Come 2016, you may finally get some answers. With new […]

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Windows 10 Blows Users Away with High Praise

Since Windows 10 first launched on July 29, 2015, it has had over 15 million downloads. So, what do users think about Windows 10 – Thumbs up or thumbs down? Well, the results are in and the vast majority of users definitely give Windows 10 a resounding “Thumbs Up” with high praise for the system. […]

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How Your Business Can Avoid An Ashley Madison Disaster

3 Very Important Tips to Avoid an Ashley Madison Disaster with Your Business Website The hacking of the Ashley Madison web site is more than just your proverbial “wake-up-call.” This was an event that makes every business owner shudder, and is an incident that means you should shake yourself and take action so you don’t […]

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