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Is Your Computer Security in New Orleans Rigorously Preventing Employee Cyber-Breach?

Most companies in 2017 are still not taking a serious-enough look at their cyber security – especially where it pertains to employee threat of cyber-breach. From micro-businesses on up to mid-sized companies, you have become the target of choice not only of cyber criminals outside your organization but those who gain (or who already have) access to it. This is why your computer security in New Orleans must be as rigorous and dedicated as is your drive for success in the business world.

The facts are simply alarming: In 2015, nearly half of all cyber attacks targeted small businesses.

In 2016, 80 percent of companies in the U.S. suffered a cyber attack, with 47 percent of those being due to ransomware.

Juniper Research estimates that cyber crime will cost businesses $2.1 trillion USD globally by 2019, which is nearly four times the cost of cyber breaches in 2015!

So, as you can see, the casualty rate for cyber attacks in the business world continue to rise, with no signs of slowing.

That’s why you must get an accomplished, qualified New Orleans computer security firm to handle your network security, period.

The Ever-Present Fact of Computer Security Threats

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to modern businesses. Without up-to-date and varied Internet security measures, successful hacks can compromise your sensitive data and harm your systems, resulting in costly downtime.

Small businesses in New Orleans should be especially wary of cybercriminals, as they often target smaller operations on the assumption that there will be less effective network security measures in place.

Not only that, but business owners need to be aware of the even bigger threat that inside hacking and cyber breach poses to small-to-midsized companies. You need to be ultra-vigilant about the fact that one employee clicking on one malicious click-bait or email phishing attempt could sink your entire operation.

It’s not an exaggeration, but plain fact.

BIOS Technologies takes network security seriously. We’ll analyze your network, implement the right safeguards, and teach your employees the security best practices to keep your network safe. To learn more, download our e-book, “Protect Your SMB From Cyberattacks,” and give us a call at (504) 849-0570 or send us an email at

Inadequate network security can result in serious consequences for your New Orleans business, including:

Data Theft and Exploitation

When your network is compromised, the integrity of your company’s information will be immediately called into question. Whether it’s your employees’ personal information or the financial records of your customers, insufficient security will leave it all vulnerable to external threats, including trafficking your stolen information on the dark web.

Brand Reputation

The last thing your business needs is to be known as a victim of cyber crime. No matter what kind of damage control you attempt after a data breach, though, your company’s brand will never be the same, which will adversely affect your profitability, sales potential, and credibility.

Further Costs

A vulnerable network is an expensive network. The cost of damage control, loss of business, and any possible fines for regulatory compliance violations specific to your business’ industry will only add to your troubles after your network has been hacked.

The Email Security Factor

Some questions you’ll need to ask yourself when sizing-up your computer security in New Orleans may include:

Are you confident that your company emails are only being read by their intended recipients?

Do you feel equally confident that your employees understand safe emailing policy?

Many businesses don’t realize that their data is at greatest risk while it’s in transit.

Regardless of industry, email is perhaps the most common form of communication amongst business owners, clients, co-workers, etc. Given the ubiquity of email in today’s workplace, it’s often used by hackers as a way to gain access to a system or to infect it with dangerous malware.

Our unparalleled email security services, thankfully, will ensure that your system avoids unnecessary and dangerous incoming emails. We can and will help you protect your business’ email systems and computer infrastructure from malicious emails.

Inadequate computer security measures for your New Orleans business’ email can have devastating long-term effects, including:

  • Loss of Privacy. Email is your best means of communicating with your vendors, clients, and employees, but if you’re questioning the security measures in place, how can you feel comfortable sharing secret and valuable information?
  • Worrying about who will read your email every time you send one is no way to do business.
  • Compromised Data. If just one email can be leaked, there’s no telling how many more already have been, or will be. The sensitive data that you and your employees divulge in emails and attachments on a daily basis is only as safe as your email security – and employee cyber security education.
  • A Tarnished Reputation. Clients rarely continue relations with businesses who’ve been hacked. Would you expect your current business partners to continue to communicate with you via email if they were unsure of its safety? Protection for your email further protects your company’s name and reputation in the business community.

Our deliverables for computer security include:

  • Sophisticated spam filters to keep any time-wasting or even dangerous spam emails out of your employee’s inboxes.
  • Top-quality inbound virus blocking capabilities, further protecting you and your employees from any incoming threat.
  • Workplace cyber security education and other protocols that counteract human error.

BIOS Technologies provides comprehensive network security measures to see to every possible vulnerability in your IT infrastructure. By configuring iron-clad firewalls and keeping all antivirus software up-to-date, we can safeguard your business’ network against intruders and malicious software.

Furthermore, by implementing industry-standard processes, procedures and web filters, we can ensure your employees conduct themselves in as secure a manner as we conform your technology to.

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