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Could Your Law Firm Benefit From Two-Factor Authentication?

Don’t let weak passwords put you at risk. Two-factor authentication is a great way to overcome your staff’s resistance to maintaining strong passwords.

Here Is Why Your Law Firm Could Benefit From Two-Factor Authentication

Though most organizations now employ much stronger cybersecurity than they did ten years ago, our society isn’t even close to being impenetrable. This is due to how technology is evolving at a constant rate.

With each new invention, we create another opportunity for cybercriminals to penetrate our systems. Every new convenience we gain through technology is another potential vulnerability just waiting to be exploited.

Case in point – the Internet of Things (IoT). A popular new setting for technology, it’s estimated that there will be 64 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2025. IoT is a natural evolution of the Internet, consisting of a network of new “smart” and “connected” products and technologies for the commercial and consumer environments.

As a so-far unregulated aspect of the IT world, IoT devices have been developed with minimal or nonexistent security features, despite the fact that they often connect over networks to sensitive data.

Any extra layer of security available to you should be taken advantage of, such as two-factor authentication. Are you using two-factor authentication to increase your firm’s security?

What Is 2FA And How Does It Work?

Two-factor authentication helps you protect your identity and accounts. More organizations are using it for its security and ease-of-use. MFA requires the user to utilize two methods to confirm that they are the rightful account owner. Biometrics like fingerprints, voice, or even iris scans are also options, as are physical objects like keycards.

You’ve probably already used two-factor authentication. For example, when you go to the ATM to deposit or withdraw money, you swipe your bank card and enter your PIN.

It’s the same idea when you go online to your bank account. You sign in with your ID and enter a passcode, but there’s one more step. A one-time code is sent to you via text message on your mobile phone or in an email. Once you enter this code on the bank’s website, you can get into your account.

Two-factor authentication is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to the existing system and account logins. 45% of polled businesses began using 2FA in 2018, compared to 25% the year prior.

By requiring a second piece of information like a randomly-generated numerical code sent by text message, you’re better able to ensure that the person using your employee’s login credentials is actually who they say they are.

Passwords are as tricky to create and manage as they are vital to your daily life – both in and out of the office. Passwords grant you access to your email accounts, your office systems, and programs, your banking information, your social media… your life pretty much runs on passwords.

Don’t let a weak password put your firm at risk – use two-factor authentication to add another layer of security.

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