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New Orleans Organizations Have Been Targeted by Cyberattacks

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If you own a construction business in New Orleans, you might think you don’t fall on the radar of hackers and digital thieves. However, you don’t have to look very far for examples of catastrophic attacks on governments and businesses. Here is a rundown of a recent rash of attacks on governments across the state.

Louisiana Cities Under Cyber-Siege, NOLA Authorities on the Alert

In July, the City of New Orleans went on high alert due to cyberattacks on three school districts across the state. No attacks were detected in New Orleans, but the incidents deeply concerned the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (NOHSEP) and other security agencies.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell summed up these threats nicely. “We have to take the cyber threat seriously and we need to continue to protect our information infrastructure, upon which our operations are increasingly dependent. Maintaining our infrastructure means paying attention to this issue. I’m urging all residents, organizations, and businesses to review their cybersecurity protocols and to remain vigilant.”

Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a State of Emergency so additional resources could be made available to schools affected by the attacks.

Why Might Hackers Be Interested in Hacking Construction Companies?

As the mayor noted, individuals and businesses need to remain on the alert. You might think you don’t have any data worth stealing, but that would be incorrect. Most data breaches are conducted for financial purposes. If you use computers to communicate with clients, chances are you have some of their personal data in your database. This is prime bait for hackers.

BIOS Technology can help protect your firm from New Orleans cyberattacks.

What Are Hackers Looking For?

You might have far less financial data than financial institutions. However, even employee information, such as Social Security numbers, payroll bank account details and healthcare information can be sold on the Dark Web. Here’s what cybercriminals are looking for in your construction company’s network:

  1. Valuable Non-Personal Data: Construction companies have client documents that include bids, trade secrets, architectural designs, and intellectual property. A hacker can also target your banking and accounting data to attempt to intercept funds via social engineering. This could cost your firm thousands or millions of dollars.
  2. Private Client Details: Sometimes, a hacker is after any personal information that can be sold or used to make a profit. This includes credit card information of individual clients and access to other businesses that may store credit card information on a wider scale. This is done by installing malware on your network in the hopes of gaining access to vendors and other organizations with lax security and sensitive data worth stealing.
  3. Extortion: Ransomware blocks access to your network and data. Once access is lost, the hacker may demand money to grant you access again. If your construction company doesn’t have a robust backup and recovery plan, you could lose data, customers and, in a worst-case scenario, your business.

How Can BIOS Technologies Help?

BIOS Technologies provides network security and performance management to keep your construction company’s applications, data and systems secure and highly available. Choose a New Orleans IT company that can truly support your network.

By instituting strong firewalls and updated antivirus software, we can keep hackers out of your network. Industry-standard web filers and employee training go a long way to minimizing your vulnerabilities in cyberspace — let us navigate you through the necessary steps.