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Is Your New Orleans Business Info For Sale On the Dark Web?

Understanding the Dark Web is the first step in protecting your data. A free Dark Web scan is next — contact BIOS Technologies at INFO@BIOSITGROUP.COM.  

Learn About the Deep Web and Get a Free Scan

Understanding the Dark Web is the first step in protecting your data. A free Dark Web scan is next — contact BIOS Technologies at INFO@BIOSITGROUP.COM.  

Your social security number costs about $1 on the dark web and for $20 criminal on a shopping spree can buy your driver’s license number and account payment credentials. Sound scary? It gets worse. Your client data, if obtained by hackers, may cost as little as $3 per record.

Learn what the Dark Web and how it poses a threat to the privacy of your customers and the integrity of your data.

What’s The Dark Web?

The dark web sounds like something you might find in a dusty barn, but it’s a corner of the deep web — an extensive collection of websites out-of-reach from normal browsers — used mainly by sketchy organizations and individuals up to no good. There are plenty of legitimate websites and data on the Deep Web, but the Dark Web refers to websites and activity build on existing hidden networks for the purpose of conducting criminal activity undetected.

How Does Your Information Get On The Dark Web?

Cybercriminals use a number of ways to get hold of your information to sell it online. It’s then sold on the Dark Net. Here are a few of the illegal methods of data collection used by savvy hackers:

  • Phishing: Phishing attacks target an organization or group of users with certain characteristics. Senders disguise emails as legitimate messages from known sources.
  • Spear Phishing: The hackers use social media to gather information on a targeted group. Then, it uses the same sources to con victims.
  • Executive Whaling: Top executives and administrators are targeted by efforts to steal money from corporate accounts or to steal confidential information.
  • Social Engineering: Malefactors use LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms to learn about executives and other personnel. They can glean contact information, business deals and other details that are used to attempt to defraud other uses.

Is Your Data Is On The Dark Web Already?

While you can take preventive measures to keep hackers hands off your data, your data may well be on the Dark Web already. If you can’t access the Dark Web, how can you tell? With the right technology, security experts can mine the Dark Web to see if your information is already out they.

The answer is Dark Web scanning.

What Is Dark Web Scanning?

You need the help of a security vendor to scan the dark web for your information. We can help your organization learn whether client information is for sale on the Dark Web. Our dark web scanning sheds light on the farthest corners of the Deep Web and monitors your records on a 24-hour basis.

We access an overlay network to get you the answers you need if you fear a data breach or an invasion of your personal privacy.

Free Dark Web Scan

Contact BIOS Technologies today at INFO@BIOSITGROUP.COM for more information on obtaining a free Dark Web scan.

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