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What You Need to Know About Louisiana’s’ Data Breach Notification And Consumer Protection Law

Louisiana Data Breach LawsModern customers must often trust the many different companies they do business with to safeguard their personal information. Schools will often have their students’ social security numbers, stores can have customer’s credit card information, and insurance companies will have patients’ health histories. For this to work, the conduction of modern commerce, there must be a trust between customers and the companies they do business with.

Due to the challenges posed by digital criminals and other nefarious cyber actors maintaining this understanding can be difficult. Recently major national brands such as United Health Care, Home Depot, Target, and others have had their databases breached. This resulted in social security numbers, banking information, and other personal data from millions of customers being compromised. Not only has this had a negative impact on the trust between the hacked companies and their customers, it has hurt the trust necessary for digital commerce as a whole.

To help restore consumer confidence in the safekeeping of their personal information by the business they patronize many states have passed Breach Notification Laws. In the state of Louisiana, it is Stat. Ann. §51:3071 et. What this law mandates is the requiring of companies to notify customers if they have reasons to believe that the personal information the company holds, for that customer, has been compromised. The statute states that this has to be done in a reasonable amount of time and provides for up to a $5000 fine for each violation of this law. It is obvious to see how a big data breach followed by a failing to notify violation could quickly become an expense problem under this statute.

That is why it is important for companies to both take every practical measure to ensure the security of their customer databases and understand their responsibilities with this law. The benefit of this is that their customers can know that their information is safe unless told otherwise and in the event that their information is compromised that they will be warned and be able to be on the lookout for identity theft.

It is no small task staying up to date on the latest threats posed by digital criminals. However, failing to take precautions can have a very damaging impact. So for business owners, managers, and other leaders of business that hold customers personal information it is often prudent to consult with a trusted and best IT security partner in New Orleans. They can help you analyze your individual risk and come up with a plan to protect those vulnerabilities. Our company is a leader in this field, with years of combined experience and will be glad to partner with you to help keep you information safe.

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