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Does Our Architecture Firm In New Orleans Need a Chief Technology Officer?

You’ve likely been using digital fabrication and design for some time now. It’s nothing new. But with technology evolving at “light speed” how are you supposed to stay up-to-date? To do this, many mid- architectural firms are now thinking about using a CTO.

A Chief Technical Officer will not only oversee your technology needs in the short term but long term as well. They ensure that you will use the right technological solutions to tackle your architectural challenges.

Your CTO will be a key player in your overall planning and strategy. They are forward-thinking and will show you how the right technology will add value to your firm. Whether you hire a CTO, or you access the same services from your IT service company, you must empower them to research, identify and implement the solutions that will help you meet your goals.

What To Consider When Deciding Whether To Use A CTO

What Are Your Overall Goals? Your Chief Technology Officer, unlike a Chief Information Officer (CIO) will provide strategic guidance for company-wide use of innovative technologies. This means finding an expert with the depth and breadth of knowledge in IT computational tools, architectural workflows, and the latest market trends so you can make the most of your technology assets.

Should You Be Using More Forward-Thinking Technology? It’s critical to find the right CTO who will be forward-thinking and have the skill and expertise to leverage technology, so you get the fullest potential possible. They must be allowed to develop company-wide policies for the effective day-to-day use of technology, cybersecurity, data governance and your patent process for new designs. It might mean a whole new roadmap for the way technology is used and how to incorporate emerging technologies into your operations (like today’s virtual reality and immersive software). This will ensure that you’re always meeting your clients’ expectations.

Do You Need To Change-Up What You Offer? Nothing stays the same – certainly not in the worlds of architecture and technology. And to stay ahead of the competition you must always be thinking about the next way to expand your offerings. A CTO can be integral to this process. This is because you will always need an expert to help you figure out how technology can help you win more clients.

Is Your Business Model Still Appropriate Today? You may have to adjust your original business model. As unsettling as this might seem, it’s necessary to grow. And with the assistance of the right Chief Technology Officer, you’ll stay on the right path. You may need to harvest data about your clients’ needs and preferences. How?… By using embedded sensors and digital technology in the buildings you design to provide spaces more customized to their requirements. Technology like this will give you the competitive edge that you need.

What Will Your Budget Allow? After you decide that you need a CTO, you must consider whether you need a full-time, on-staff technology chief, or if you can better benefit from the services of an outsourced CTO. For many, this is preferable. You’ll gain all the insight and expertise that you need without the costs of employing a C-level executive with the burden of an expensive salary and all the benefits that come with it.

Small and mid-sized architectural firms usually can’t afford to hire a full-time Chief Technology Officer. So, using an outsourced CTO service is the best option for them.

It’s not necessary to employ a full-time CTO to provide the capabilities we mentioned above. Plus, if you use CTO services provided by your IT Service Company, you’ll get the benefit of an individual who has the communication skills and breadth of experience to work with architectural firms in many different situations.

How Will An Outsourced CTO Help Our Small Architectural Firm?

As your IT Provider and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), their responsibility is to see both the big and small picture of your technology and how it’s being used. They will schedule meetings and visits to help you with the following:

  • Evaluate the technologies you’re currently using to determine if changes will benefit your firm’s productivity and efficiency.
  • Ensure that you are implementing the IT security policies and procedures to keep your IP safe.
  • Develop a technology roadmap that’s aligned with your long-term goals.
  • Align technology needs with your budget.
  • Help you procure solutions at the best prices and implement them, so they are reliable and accessible from wherever your team is working.
  • Assist with hiring of or bringing in IT personnel as needed.
  • Handle any specific IT requests you might have.
  • Help you compile and update your current IT inventory.
  • Offer information about new IT trends in architecture.
  • Provide an open forum to discuss questions, concerns and open projects.

With an outsourced CTO, you’ll have the knowledge and experience you need without the expense.

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