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Is G-Suite Right for My New Orleans Company?

Improve Collaboration in Your New Orleans Company with G Suite

To maximize your G Suite subscription for communication and collaboration in New Orlean, call BIOS Technologies today. Our consultants integrate these tools with your business processes.  

G Suite is a collection of cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools. These software products launched in August 2006 under the name Google Apps for Your Domain. According to Stackshare, 12,278 companies use G Suite, including Uber, Airbnb and Netflix. This article discusses the major features of these tools and how you can use them to benefit your company in New Orleans.

BIOS Technologies is a local technology support company that can help you implement and maintain G Suite apps for your workforce.

Understanding G Suite

You can leverage G Suite to make your operations more efficient. The solutions are ad-free and your data isn’t used to guide advertising on your browser.

What’s Included in G Suite?

G Suite has numerous useful features. Here, we provide a high-level overview to help you understand the benefits of the software, such as:

  • Gmail – Gmail gives each email user 30GB of storage and an array of email functions. You can input unlimited Google Group email addresses and customize your address to a business domain – which looks more professional than “@gmail.”
  • Docs, Sheets, and Slides – This is Google’s version of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. These tools offer collaborative capabilities, which work well for far-flung teams. Team members can save changes directly, but there’s also a revision history with recoverable files.
  • Drive – Google Drive is the company’s cloud storage platform that comes with G Suite. Use it to access your files and other content. The file extensions are compatible with a variety of file formats, so you won’t have to install plugins to view contents. This tool makes collaboration easy. Choose your storage options carefully.
  • Calendar – It integrates easily with Gmail and lets your team coordinate meetings and responsibilities. If you need to arrange a team meeting, Google Calendar lets you see their availability.

Other Capabilities

A Business account opens up many other capabilities, such as a dedicated G Suite Admin Panel. This acts as a control room and lets you manage your settings. Here are some of the available options on the Admin Panel:

  • Users – Use this to add new account users. Also, manage the attributes users can access, including start date, job titles, location and when they last logged in.
  • Groups – You set up mailing lists and groups here. This makes it easy to schedule meetings and send out group communications. It’s much faster than typing individual names.
  • Company Profile – This lets you customize your brand within G Suite solution. Add a company logo and other information about your business. You can set up custom URLs for a more professional presentation.
  • Admin Roles – Lead admins can add new roles and control permissions for individuals and groups, services and devices.
  • Billing – Review and manage charges associated with your account. It also displays your G Suite subscription details.
  • Reports – Track the use of your G Suite services and see what your users are doing in G Suite. Review an overview of your apps under Highlights. You can also run reports and audits on users and devices.

If you want to maximize your G Suite subscription and learn more about how to use it for communication and collaboration, call BIOS Technologies today. Our consultants integrate these tools with your business processes.

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