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Healthcare Cybersecurity Concerns in New Orleans

Contact us today to discuss the healthcare security and IT management need of your organization in New Orleans.

Where Can You Get Help for Healthcare Cybersecurity Concerns in New Orleans?

Contact us today to discuss the healthcare security and IT management need of your organization in New Orleans.

According to a report conducted by MalwareBytes entitled “Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques: The 2019 State of Healthcare,” the industry is under siege. The report documents a 60% increase in security threats when comparing the first three quarters of 2019 compared to the entire prior year.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Concerns in New Orleans

Security breaches bring dire consequences in healthcare where most of the data collected involve sensitive personal data. When data goes missing or systems are compromised due to ransomware, practitioners return to paper-based data collection. This can seriously hamper the level of care provided. Also, researchers worry the future attacks could change data which would result in misdiagnosis and errors.

What Areas Do Healthcare Clinicians Need to Focus On?

The potential risk to patients also exposes the facility to legal risk. Health care organizations must focus on an enhanced security posture to protect their networks and data. Specifically, a layered security approach can address the following:

  • Perimeter protection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Access controls
  • Email and endpoint device security

However, many healthcare organizations lack the in-house resources to effectively implement, monitor and manage the security infrastructure. Of five industries reported in publicly available data, the Medical/Healthcare industry experienced 23% of the reported breaches, exposing five million patient records.

At BIOS Technologies, we monitor our security tools and alerts, which are reviewed by experts. Healthcare clients can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their systems are protected. As an IT managed service provider that responds quickly to threats, we can help you minimize risk. Fast action and vigilance can save lives online too.

“While we captured mostly Emotet, TrickBot, exploit, and backdoor detections targeting healthcare organizations, each of these threats are known to drop ransomware payloads later in their attack chain,” according to the MalwareBytes report.

Emotets and TrickBots are types of Trojan attacks, and this category rose 82% from Q2 to Q3 2019. They steal sensitive data via malicious code that infects healthcare systems. An Emotet surge began in early 2019, with TrickBot detections rising in Q2 and Q3. This is the No. 1 security threat in healthcare.

Emotets spread through spam emails. The infection derives from a malicious script, link or macro-enabled document. Emotets use tricks to hide their true nature and prevent detection. TrickBots use redirection attacks and server-side injections to steal information. These difficult-to-detect threats started in the financial services sector but have quickly spread throughout the healthcare industry. They can spread quickly throughout your network.

What Are the Vulnerabilities of Endpoint Devices?

Tablets and laptops are pervasive in hospitals and healthcare facilities. These endpoint devices experienced a 45% jump in threat detection, according to the report. With clients connecting their devices to office Wi-Fi and employees’ bringing in their personal devices, precautions are needed to protect your Wi-Fi. This includes using a separate Wi-Fi network for healthcare systems.

Potential attacks on Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as imaging systems and medical monitoring tools, threaten many healthcare facilities. Endpoint security is paramount to these practitioners.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Concerns in New Orleans

What Are the Benefits of Healthcare Managed Security Services from BIOS Technologies?

BIOS Technologies network technology services bring the following to bear on hackers attempting to infiltrate your healthcare systems:

  • Strategic Managed IT: Resolve your technology glitches and keep data secure.
  • Connectivity: Secure connectivity for clients, employees and company systems.
  • Support: Anytime support available 24 hours.
  • Billing: You get one bill a month instead of managing several vendors or contractors.

Contact us today to discuss the healthcare security and IT management need of your organization in New Orleans.

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