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How IoT Technology is Transforming New Orleans

We’ve already seen the power of IoT technology transform consumer applications. Learn how New Orleans applies IoT technology to protect and support the city.

New Orleans Embraces City-Wide IoT Technology

We’ve already seen the power of IoT technology transform consumer applications. Learn how New Orleans applies IoT technology to protect and support the city.  

There’s no contesting the fact that IoT technology represents the next step in the evolution of the internet. While the convergence of digital and physical infrastructures means we now have refrigerators, oven ranges, and other everyday appliances capable of connecting to the internet and performing autonomous functions.

Other applications of IoT technology include:

  • Doorbell video surveillance via the internet
  • Data analytics for tracking industry trends and patterns
  • Asset tracking
  • Supply chain management
  • Smart grids for utility companies
  • The creation of smart medical devices

It’s easy to see why IoT technology brings so much excitement to so many industries. There seems to be no limit in its possible uses for businesses, consumers, and governing bodies. A GMSA Intelligencer report predicts that industrial IoT connections will grow to nearly 14 billion by the year 2025. They should also surpass consumer connections by 2023.

IoT Technologies In New Orleans

Hosting the IEEE IoT World Forum

New Orleans is one city looking to put itself at the forefront of industrial uses of IoT technology. They have already started implementing several high-profile IoT projects throughout the city. To that end, they will play host to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 6th World Forum on Internet of Things from April 5th – April 9th, 2020.

Hosting the event represents more than a chance for New Orleans to put on a major conference. It highlights the city’s embrace of IoT’s potential in transforming the city. WF-IoT plans to include a variety of activities for attendees, including the chance to browse technical research papers, sit in on presentation panels on uses for IoT, participate in workshops, and take part in tutorials industry forums.

Using IoT Technology to Make New Orleans Safer

Public safety remains a top priority for New Orleans officials. The city partnered with Cisco Technologies in a bid to find innovative ways of looking out for residents, tourists and businesses. It started with a network of eighty wireless cameras linked together along the ten-block area of Bourbon Street, a popular attraction located in the center of the French Quarter.

They lend support in a place where police officers can use some additional eyes. It allows them to get a better view of what’s happening in the city, expanding their enforcement reach and allowing them to respond to urgent situations more quickly.

Flood Protection in New Orleans using IoT Technology

The city rolled out another new application of IoT technology last year when they installed 12 smart flood warning systems beneath underpasses throughout the city. Automatic triggers put up flashing warning lights letting people know the road is closed, based on the current conditions. It also means firemen and police officers no longer need to rush out and put up barriers.

The warning system at each location collects rainfall data via an independent weather station. Both the National Weather Service and the Sewerage and Water Board get the opportunity to perform real-time analysis on the data sent back from each station. New Orleans hopes to eventually add 60 additional stations in other areas of the city.

Leading the Way Forward

New Orleans seems to understand the importance of embedding an IoT framework of support throughout the city. That preparedness and forethought pave the way for the adoption of new IoT technology in New Orleans going forward.

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