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Are the technicians from your current IT company being assigned new duties?

So, you’ve found a New Orleans outsourced IT company that you really like.  You’ve formed relationships with their staff, and you’re thrilled with the work they’ve been providing you.  It’s a win-win situation, right?  Right!

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You notice that suddenly your favorite technicians aren’t being assigned to your projects anymore.  They’re still working for your New Orleans managed IT service provider, but they are no longer working FOR YOU.

In their place, your outsourced IT services support team is providing you with a new set of technicians that just don’t seem to “get” your business, and sometimes you wonder if they even really care.  Sometimes, you are provided with a technician who – despite their hard work ethic – just lacks the experience to get the job done.  While you are happy to see good workers rewarded for work well performed, you start to feel demoted; like you’ve been relegated to being stuck with the company’s “B team.”  You just can’t afford to be part of the new technicians’ learning curve, and you start to wonder who is going to do quality work for you.

Finding An IT Services Support Company You Can Trust  

You are the best in your field.  You want to work with the best.  Reliability and consistency are key to your business, and you need your outsourced IT services team in the New Orleans region to deliver this for you.

BIOSIT is a partner that is up for the challenge!

BIOSIT prides itself on its reliability.  We are the partner you can trust for all of your business related IT needs.

One of the services that set BIOS Technologies apart from other New Orleans outsourced support services companies is its commitment to learning your business needs from the inside out.  When we know and understand the details of your business, we are best equipped to help you succeed.

For us, it’s not business–IT’S PERSONAL.   We are personally invested in the business of helping your business be the best it can be! That starts by making sure you have the specific tools you need to get the job done.  We keep those tools specific to your industry, in tip top shape, and backed up, so that there is never a fear of loss of productivity, continuity of service, or security for your business.

What if I need IT support help right now? 

We are accessible to you anytime you need us.  You can reach us online through our remote assistance program and be in contact with a trusted BIOSIT service technician immediately.  We also offer a client portal to give you up to date access to the work being done in real time to resolve your important IT needs.  

Don’t settle for untrained or inexperienced techs! The BIOS Technologies team of professionals is waiting for your call.

Looking for a New Orleans outsourced IT company? Call now to speak with a technician about how they can specifically support all of your business’ IT needs.  Contact us at (504) 849-0570.