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Managing Technology And Costs After The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has created new ways on how companies do business in New Orleans. Employees are performing tasks remotely on computing devices at home.

COVID-19 Has Changed The Way Business Is Done In NOLA

The pandemic has created new ways on how companies do business in New Orleans. Employees are performing tasks remotely on computing devices at home. Other companies are leveraging technology in new ways to promote social distancing and healthy work environments. From conducting meetings entirely on Zoom or using Microsoft Teams to send lecture notes, CIOs want to ensure employees can collaborate on projects and obtain the data that they need to keep productivity up to company standards.

Business In NOLA COVID19

How Did the Pandemic Change How Technology is Used?

The pandemic has shown many CIOs that the previous technology may not have been enough to fully boost employee productivity and engagement. Since workers were at home, companies had to switch from using standard technologies to more cloud-based and virtual desktop initiatives.

Employees could access company data directly through their browsers on any device, while third-party service providers ensure security and support with managed services. These employees were plugged in full time, as companies could see their profit margins increase due to workers completing tasks efficiently to the customers’ satisfaction.

Should Companies Return to Using Standard Technology?

To figure out whether companies should return to the previous technology or stick with the newer managed computing infrastructure, CIOs will have to evaluate their core business structures and determine the following aspects.

  • What technology and network systems will the company actually need?
  • Will these systems be in-house or hosted by third-party partners and service providers?
  • What are the short-term and long-term costs be between standard technology versus hosted technology?
  • What strategies will need to be developed to ensure network security?
  • Will the company use a hybrid technology approach?

How to Cut Costs Without Cutting Technology?

Another aspect to take into consideration is to determine whether there are other business operations that can be overhauled to save on the budget. If there is operational waste occurring in another area, such as the warehouse or storefront, this factor can be modified and revamped to become more efficient. In addition, this revamp could lead to more money being freed up, which can go toward deploying technology investments that will help the company achieve long-term goals.

Other options include using employees’ existing personal technology to fill in the gaps. Switching over to a “bring your own device” (BYOD) model can offer savings in unique ways. Many employees already have the technology on hand to use toward business processes. The employees are also more inclined to spend their own funds in maintaining and managing this equipment. Companies don’t have to use their budgets to keep the technology updated and running efficiently, or purchase new equipment for existing employees. Instead, they can focus on providing a computing infrastructure that is easy to use and access for all employees.

How to Stay Current with Technology?

It can be difficult for CIOs to determine what technology their workforce truly needs for their processes. Both in-person and remote workers will have different pain points that need to be addressed technology-wise. The operations will also be unique to a specific business model. An IT managed service company can provide consulting services so that companies can determine the right technology for processes.

IT managed services help to fill in the technology gaps that may appear in present operations. They provide strategies that can be leveraged by CIOs so they get the technology they need without drastically raising operational costs.

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