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Keeping Safe During Mardi Gras

Mardi GrasDuring Mardi Gras, the streets of New Orleans come alive with vivid colors and beautiful culture, but it’s easy to let the issue of safety slip to the back burner. With so any people and so much confusion during an event of this size safety is more of a concern than ever.

Take a look at these handy tips for making sure a safe and good time is had by all.


Before even heading the parade there are some safety tips and precautions you should keep in mind to make sure the home is safe while you’re gone and everybody is prepared for the celebrations.

  • Secure your home, making sure all doors and windows are locked. Avoid letting the place look empty by leaving a light or television on. You may even want to consider setting some electronics up on timers to give the illusion someone is moving around in the house.
  • Let the neighbors know that you are going to be away and ask them to keep an eye on the property for you.
  • Prepare the children for the trip by ensuring they are dressed comfortably and have used the restroom. Further than that, prepare them by teaching them how to identify a police officer should they need help, and having a plan in case they become lost or separated. It is a good idea to tuck a piece of paper in their pocket or sock that has your name, address, and phone number on it.

Parking At The Parade

The masses of people may make parking a bit difficult, but here are some tips to consider to make sure you are parked safely and appropriately. Always remember respectful parking and ensure to not block an intersection, residential driveway or to double park. Pay attention to parade routes signs and other signage that may indicate whether or not you are in an acceptable parking spot.

While At The Parade

Safety is important when at the parade. The amount of people will be overwhelming, and things can quickly become chaotic if you fail to follow the rules and guidelines set out. Keep these safety tips in mind while enjoying the parade:

  • Never cross or jump police barricades, they are there for protection. Ask for the assistance of a police officer when crossing from one side of the street to the other.
  • Avoid carrying big purses through the crowd. Keep personal items in your pockets, close to the body. Men may wish to carry their wallet in their front pocket.
  • Keep back a safe distance from the floats.
  • Do not follow the bands.
  • Do not throw beads at the people on the floats.
  • Stay back from the street and curb. Never get on someone’s shoulders for a better view if they have been drinking.
  • When using ladders be sure to never place them in an intersection, and always make sure they are secured to the ground. Make sure the ladder is a safe distance from the curb, at least as far back as the ladder is tall.

Lost Children

In an instant, the younger ones can get swallowed up in the crowd. If a child is lost at the parade notify the police immediately. Provide the officer with the child’s name and a good physical description. Take note of what they are wearing and provide a photo if possible. There will be several “lost child” stands set up along the parade route.

Health Concerns

Parade goers with health concerns or medical problems should be sure to carry their important health related details on them. This is so people and responders are better able to help you should something happen.

Mardi Gras is a special time and is meant to be enjoyed by all. By properly preparing for the event and making sure you adhere to a few simple rules you can see to it it’s a safe and memorable time for everyone.

Here is some important contact information that might be useful during your time at Mardi Gras.

  • New Orleans Police Department non-emergency number – (504) 821-222
  • New Orleans Police Department emergency number – 911
  • Orleans Parish Sheriff Office Automated Interactive Voice Response Inquiry System – (504) 827-6777
  • Parking Division-Auto Pound address: 400 N Claiborne Ave. Phone: (504) 565-7450

Now that you have all of the pointers and resources you need to celebrate, most importantly BIOS Technologies wants to wish you a safe and happy Mardi Gras!

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