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If You’re Going To Fight Like Rocky, You Better Have A Manager Like Mickey Goldmill

How Managed IT Support Services Help Your New Orleans Business Compete.

If you’ve never been to Philadelphia and watched the tourists run up the stairs outside the Museum of Art and throw their hands in the air, you may not quite understand the ongoing impact of the Rocky movie series.

There, in the middle of the city (and in front of dozens of strangers), full-grown adults can’t help but copy Rocky’s iconic jog up those stairs.

But let’s back up just a step.

Why was Rocky running?

Because he was in training and the grizzled old trainer/manager was using a mixture of old-school and innovative training techniques to get him in fighting shape.

So here’s the question. Who is your Mickey Goldmill?

Who is leveraging Managed IT Support Services to get your business technology into shape and help keep you efficient and competitive?

Managed IT Support Services is a complete array of technology implementation, configuration, maintenance, management, and operational monitoring that keeps your business technology systems in fighting shape. Unlike a break/fix IT support solution, Managed IT Support Services are based on a monthly subscription payment. This arrangement results in comprehensive, ongoing IT support that keeps your systems running correctly rather than waiting for them to break and then rushing to fix them.


Get Up Off the Mat

Before the referee counts to 10 and congratulates your competition on their knockout victory, let’s take a look at exactly where your IT systems land in the sliding scale of usefulness to your business.

You see, every business has IT assets – both on-premise and in the cloud – that are either near the end of their lifecycle or should have been retired long ago.


Because technology moves quickly and if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind.

That’s not to say that you have to buy the latest and greatest every time.

Your choices of hardware, software, and cloud assets need to be framed by the considerations of security, stability, and efficiency – not what is new or trendy.

But, there is something to be said for exploring new technologies before your competitor uses them and knocks you out.

Punch Above Your Weight Class

Businesses worldwide are competing for a market share. The problem is that the market is finite. Getting – and keeping – your share can be a challenge. If you’re a small to mid-size player, this truth can be daunting.

How does a New Orleans business compete in a global marketplace? Sure, you may not want to get into shipping your product or offering your services overseas, but still, foreign companies are competing with you right here in Louisiana.

If you’re going to maintain and gain your ground, you have to have the tools to punch above your weight class.

That’s what a partnership with a Managed IT Support Services company like BIOS Technology can give you.

By leveraging the global reach, flexibility, and mobility of cloud applications and virtualization capability, your company can make use of the same tools that companies four times your size are using every day. These tools will give you the power you need to compete today and will scale with you as you target the opponents of tomorrow.

Get The Right Managed IT Support Services Partner In Your Corner.

If your company is Rocky, who is your Mickey Goldmill?

  • Who guides you to the right IT decisions?
  • Who shows up when you need IT advice and troubleshooting?
  • Who keeps an eye on the health of your IT and works with you to improve that IT health?
  • Who shows you what IT the competition is using and how to implement it or combat it?

You need a Managed IT Support Services partner!


Because tomorrow’s wins don’t just happen.

Wins are a result of planning, hard work, inspiration, and execution.

Sure, you’ve got most of that covered.

But let’s ask the obvious question.

While you are making plans, inspiring employees, and implementing your pro-growth agendas, who is making sure that your business technology doesn’t fail you?

In short, who is managing your technology?

Who have you got that’s dependable in your corner – making sure that your technology does precisely what it was designed to do?

The talented team of IT management professionals of BIOS Technology work with businesses just like yours across New Orleans to deliver high-impact IT systems that help give those companies a fighting chance against bigger corporations and foreign competitors.

Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed

Mohammed Ali said, “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

That’s what you’ve got to do.

Technology doesn’t stand still and neither can you.

The minute you stand still, is the minute that a hacker working for a cybercrime syndicate – or some kid in pajamas in his mother’s basement – will use adware, spyware, malware, ransomware, or a dozen other exploits to do damage to your business, steal your confidential data, and damage your reputation.

The dangers are too high.

In today’s online climate it’s critical for businesses to partner with a Managed IT Support Services company.

By partnering with BIOS Technology, your company benefits from:

IT management professionals leverage security and productivity protocols to help your employees be safe and efficient while doing business online.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Get Knocked Out.

Nobody goes into a fight saying, “I hope I get knocked flat on my back.”

But here’s the deal.

Failure to plan IS planning to fail.

If you are only relying on a break/fix or a retainer-based IT support company to rush to your aid when something goes wrong, you’re betting on your success while your current IT support company is betting on your failure.

What do I mean?

I mean that if you only pay someone to show up when something goes wrong, they have no incentive to keep your systems running and to keep you in the fight.

In fact, they MAKE more money when your systems are down for the count!

Managed IT Support Services make more sense.

For an easily-budgeted monthly payment, a Managed IT Support Services company provides the “always on” IT management, maintenance, and operational monitoring your IT systems need. With IT systems that support your team, you can be competitive and win.

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