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Schedule Appointments with Microsoft Bookings

BIOS Technologies supports New Orleans businesses using Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Bookings application.

Easily Schedule Appointments with Microsoft Bookings

Service-oriented businesses have always needed an efficient way to manage appointment scheduling, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more accurate. While business owners and managers take care of other aspects of their business, they still need a way to schedule automatically, manage, and remind clients about appointments.

Microsoft Bookings is a software solution that does all of this so that business owners and managers can focus on the other essential aspects of their service-oriented businesses. Many businesses have been using Microsoft Bookings for months, and even more, companies can benefit from the software now.

Makes Appointment Scheduling Easy for the Client

On the client-side, Microsoft Bookings makes appointment scheduling easy by letting clients schedule appointments at their convenience and through an intuitive online interface. Clients can log onto a business’s website at their leisure (including outside of business hours), and the self-guided platform takes them through the process of scheduling an appointment in minutes.

Whenever and wherever clients are, they’re able to make bookings so long as they have internet access.

Updates Businesses as Appointment Schedules Change

Whenever a change is made to a business’ appointment schedules, wether a timeslot is booked or a scheduled service is canceled, the business’ entire scheduling platform is instantly updated.

Customers receive a confirmation moments after they book an appointment, and at the same time, an update is pushed to all of a business’ chosen devices. This way, business owners, managers, and employees all know what their schedules look like at any given moment.

Additionally, customers are sent a confirmation email to make sure they still want their chosen timeslot. Should a customer make a change when they receive the email (or before when it’s sent out), notifications are immediately sent to all appropriate devices.

This eliminates the need for business owners and managers to field lots of phone calls about changing appointments, which are especially common at present. Instead, business owners can spend their time on other tasks while Microsoft Bookings takes care fo the scheduling.

Useful to Many Service-Oriented Businesses

As mentioned, many businesses have been using Microsoft Bookings for a long time, and even more, may find the software useful now. Any service-oriented business that has clients, customers, or patients schedule appointments should consider using this software. A few examples of such companies include:

  • Law firms
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dentist’s offices
  • Consulting firms
  • Salons
  • Financial advising firms

Moreover, many of these businesses may already have access to Microsoft Bookings, as it’s included in most Microsoft 365 suites.

Get Help Setting Up Microsoft Bookings

If your business needs help setting up Microsoft Bookings, reach out to BIOS Technologies. Our team has assisted many New Orleans businesses with their Microsoft 365 needs, and we’re ready to help you set up this software for your business.

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