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Take the Hassle Out of Scheduling Meetings With Microsoft FindTime

Finding a time that’s good for everyone to meet, however, is often a major hassle. Thanks to Microsoft FindTime, the hassle that normally accompanies meeting scheduling no longer needs to be a burden on employees and take up too much of their time.

The Hassle of Finding Meeting Times

Aside from pre-scheduled meetings that everyone is regularly expected to attend, what should be a basic process of finding convenient meeting times is far from easy or simple.

For one, meetings must be scheduled when the meeting space is free. This is no issue in some settings where there are ample conference rooms for the number of employees. In many business settings, though, conference room space is coveted and in high demand. Many rooms have limited open availability.

There also are limited times when everyone who must be present for a meeting is available, and these times take a lot of back-and-forth communication to determine. It’s not uncommon for email and messaging threads to have numerous replies and replies-all before a suitable time for everyone is agreed upon.

Moreover, the emails that get sent back and forth aren’t innocent. They’re annoying at the very least, and they can consume employees’ valuable time.

The Ease of Microsoft FindTime

Microsoft FindTime solves this problem by making the meeting-scheduling process simple, straightforward, and easy. The application integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, so all employees have quick access to it right in their email. Through Microsoft FindTime, the entire process of scheduling a meeting usually goes as follows:

  1. The meeting host creates a meeting and a list of attendees.
  2. Microsoft FindTime sends and an invitation to each listed attendee.
  3. Attendees each input their availability into FindTime.
  4. FindTime analyzes everyone’s availabilities and determines the most suitable time.
  5. FindTime sends a notification of the meeting time to everyone on the list.

With an automated process like this, there is no need to send numerous emails. Employees can quickly enter when they’re able to meet, and then they’ll find out when the meeting is. No one’s time is wasted, and no one has to perform the calculus that’s required to determine the most suitable time.

FindTime is Included with Microsoft 365 Suites

This convenient feature is included with most Microsoft 365 suites of software at no additional charge. Businesses can download the software from and install it themselves, or they can seek assistance with the installation and setup.

If your business would like help setting up Microsoft FindTime or needs assistance with any other Microsoft 365 application, reach out to us at BIOS Technologies. As a leading IT service provider in the New Orleans area, we’ve helped many businesses with this and other Microsoft applications.

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