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Microsoft Teams Training for New Orleans Businesses

BIOS Technologies offers businesses throughout New Orleans with free online training on Microsoft Teams. Check out our training resources.

Microsoft Teams Training In New Orleans

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration space for colleagues that allows them to organize workgroups and exchange ideas, all in one place.

With the increased adoption of a mobile workforce, executives are straining to sustain healthy communication and collaboration among their staff. For all your units to be effective, they must continually share notes, be in sync, and work toward a common objective.

It turns out Microsoft has just the right remedy for your New Orleans business — it’s called Teams. The group-chat solution is based on the cloud and enables your employees to form collaborative groups to create, manage, and store files online.

Users can also quickly shift between messaging and video conferencing and receive real-time notifications. It’s essentially an improved version of Skype for Business, with better capacity for calling/conferencing, real-time messaging, and file sharing.

Getting Started With Microsoft Teams — How Does It Work?

It works as a communication center that combines workplace chat, video meetings, online file storage, and application integration. The platform seeks to help you get more tasks completed together while also allowing you to work on individual projects privately.

With Microsoft Teams, your users can perform various tasks:

  • Co-create and safely share files online in real-time.
  • Host in-house virtual meetings and video conferences from anywhere, any time.
  • Call and chat with colleagues as a group or in private.

Perhaps the most significant perk is that Teams is a one-stop platform for all these tools and functionalities. What’s more — it’s integrated into Microsoft 365 and is fully compatible with all the other powerful MS tools.

How Do You Get Started On Microsoft Teams? You must first know how to navigate through Teams’ interphase. You will mainly be using two icons:

  1. Teams: These are various workgroups that you and your employees can be part of based on individual roles and responsibilities. Anybody can create a Team and add members depending on projects, programs, departments, or initiatives.
  2. Channels: Work-streams within a Team where most tasks are initiated and performed.

MS Teams also has an in-bound Calendar that details all your appointments. It syncs with the Outlook Calendar, enabling you to review other users’ schedules when looking for an agreeable time for a meeting.

The Activity tab directs you to your unread messages, replies, or mentions. It has a command box for quick searches of specific items.

How Do You Schedule a Meeting With MS Teams? Click on Meet Now at the bottom of the interface and select the users allowed in your meeting. You can record the whole session or particular sections for future reference. MS Teams also allows you to open, share, and edit files on your PC with other attendees.

How Do You Initiate a Group or Private Chat? Click on the New Chat tab at the top and use the command box to search for the person/group you want to include in the discussion. For easy tracing in the future, you can name your chat. It’s also possible to switch to calls (video or audio) directly from the chat.

Why Does Your New Orleans Business Need Microsoft Teams?

  • It will enhance your staff’s collaboration and productivity: One of MS Teams’ distinctive features is the real-time chat function. This enables your users to stay connected and productive wherever they are.
  • You can use it anywhere, any time: The platform is cloud-based, making it accessible anywhere through desktop and mobile applications.
  • It’s fully compatible with other Microsoft tools, giving your users all the tools they need to collaborate and get work done all in one place.

Need a competent IT company to help you leverage Microsoft Teams for your New Orleans business? Get in touch with BIOS Technologies — we involve you in every stage of delivering our hyper-professional IT solutions.

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