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What Factors Should You Consider for IT Desktop and Networking Support?

Small businesses and organizations with tighter budget constraints still need reliable IT support. BIOS Technologies has flexible support plans for small and growing organizations.  

Factors to Consider for IT Desktop and Networking Support

Small businesses and organizations with tighter budget constraints still need reliable IT support. BIOS Technologies has flexible support plans for small and growing organizations.  

Networking Support

Working with IT consulting companies gives you flexibility when it comes to the procurement, management and troubleshooting of your network. This is especially true for small businesses and organizations with tighter budget constraints. That’s why BIOS technologies offers desktop and other IT support services customized to fit the needs of your environment.

How and When You Are Charged?

Pricing models include variable, fixed and one-time service options. Fixed pricing gives you continuous service at a predictable cost. One emergency and a variable or per incident bill can escalate quickly. With a fixed pricing plan, you get unlimited support for the same monthly fee. Variable pricing to resolve IT problems that arise often leads to unpredictable costs in a time of crisis — just when you need it the least.

Variable pricing that lets you buy a fixed amount of time may work for some organizations with very simply networking needs. When comparing pricing plans, find out if warranties are included to guarantee the work.

What Are the Most Important Factor to Consider?

When shopping for IT support, consider the size of your business. What are your current IT needs? Are you planning to expand your operations? If you aren’t sure what your IT needs will be two to five years from now, choose a vendor who can small up or down with your business model.

How Does BIOS Technologies Deal with the Needs of Smaller Organizations?

BIOS Technologies appreciates local businesses that trust its experienced technicians to provide the appropriate IT support at a fair price. For small to midsize businesses and organizations, we offer a breadth and depth of skill that’s difficult to find in a single in-house resource. From this perspective, it’s actually quite reasonable to pay a fixed rate for any IT needs that come up.

What if My Company Is in an Unusual Market Segment?

It’s important to feel comfortable with your IT desktop support and networking vendor. If you have a specialized niche, be sure to find out if the company is willing to dedicate the time and resources to learning your business.

At BIOS technologies, the leadership team firmly believes that no job is too small. Whether you run a small tutoring company with a few computers and printers or operate a larger concern with dozens or more desktops and advanced computing needs, your employees and customers deserve the same high standard of care.

How Do I Find a Proactive Service Provider?

A proactive vendor has procedures and tools that predict and identify vulnerabilities before they become a problem. Downtime isn’t good for any business. Ask your BIOS Technologies specialist what services are provided to keep your system in working order and what recommendations they have to avoid problems before they arise. Whoever you hire to set up, maintain and improve your business network should run diagnostic tools and offer security protocols to protect your sensitive data from cybercriminals.

What About Remote Management and Monitoring?

Bringing technicians into your workplace may not always be avoidable. However, in the current digital environment, monitoring hardware and software assets, performing patches and upgrades and basic troubleshooting can typically be done remotely. This minimizes disruption to the business and saves time. Consider hiring an IT company that offers remote support that doesn’t create downtime during business hours.

What Happens if My Business Grows and I Need More Support?

BIOS Technologies and other reputable vendors are flexible to the changing needs of their clients. If you are considering an expansion that involves buying more computers or opening a new office, BIOS technicians can help you figure out what that looks like in terms of cost and timeframes. Expanding your network to include additional hardware and software or more than one location may mean revamping your IT infrastructure. A trusted partner is key to formulating a plan that works for you. Let BIOS Technologies help your business network grow appropriately to keep up with your expanding business.

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