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Is Your New Orleans Business Protected When the Next Katrina Batters Our City?

Be Prepared: Download Our Complimentary Hurricane Preparedness Checklist Immediately.

Dear Business Professional:

I have nothing to sell you but “peace of mind”. Over 10 years ago, the city I have called home for all my life was brutally battered by Katrina. Many of my loved ones had lost everything. Even a few of my closest friends lost their homes and businesses in just over 24 hours. Everything was gone. Some of them started over and some, well they never came back.

Ever since that day of Hurricane Katrina, I have made a pledge to never let another storm damage or wipe out any business that we, at BIOS Technology Group, support. This commitment, to ensure the foundation of our business community never endures the wrath of such a catastrophe like Katrina ever again, is what motivates me every single day.

Today, I want to share with you a very simple checklist that your business can use to make sure everything you have in your company and even in your personal life is protected. In 2016, we are very fortunate compared to the year of 2005. The cloud has made business data disasters almost a thing of the past, they still occur, but businesses today can use the cloud to store backup copies of important information. They can use the cloud to house their core computer network infrastructure. And, they can use the cloud to ensure communication systems remain operational around-the-clock.

I invite you to visit to download our complimentary checklist. CLICK HERE

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Kevin Launey
President and CEO
BIOS Technology Group

PS – Do you have questions and are wondering how your business can safeguard all your business information? I welcome you to call me at anytime. I would be happy to sit down and discuss how your company can use cloud services, business continuity solutions and cyber security best practices to make sure your livelihood and the livelihood of your staff members are never compromised.

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