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Why Choose BIOS Technologies For Your New Orleans IT Services

BIOS Technologies Supports You “Better Than the Rest,” With Our Documentation Service That Ensures Your IT Assets and Procedures Are Always Available.

What would happen if your tech took off with all the knowledge about your IT procedures? Would you be able to immediately replicate this information so you could continue operating like before?

Unlike other IT services in New Orleans, we provide the documentation, standard operating procedures and mapped processes necessary for you to always stay operational.

We use proven, best-practices documentation that’s designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your IT operations.

You’ll Never Be Without the IT You Depend On, Because We Can: 

  • Document all the details about your IT environment.
  • Store and connect your devices, passwords and applications.
  • Write processes for fixing all your devices so even the most junior tech can do the work.
  • Template and create a huge library of best-practice processes.
  • Automatically monitor and store all your passwords, domains and SSL
  • Track who’s accessing and changing your information, and provide a version history so we can retrieve all your data if necessary.

We do all this within a completely secure environment so you and your team will always be as productive as possible.

Our IT Documentation Service is standardized, collaborative and frees up the “brain-locked” information of your techs.  This ultimately increases the efficiency of your staff, and provides you peace of mind that your IT assets and procedures are always available.  

Don’t get “held hostage” by your IT techs. For more information about our Documentation Service, contact us at: (504) 849-0570