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Oil and Gas Industry Cybersecurity Solutions

Why the Oil and Gas Sector in New Orleans Needs Layered Cybersecurity

Contact BIOS Technologies today for full-service network services, including security and performance considerations. We are a New Orleans firm based with many clients in the oil and gas industry.  

If you operate a business in the oil and gas sector in New Orleans, you need a trusted partner to deliver layered cybersecurity and reliable performance. BIOS Technologies provides network security and email security services to keep prying eyes out of your data and communications. One malware attack can disable onboard systems in modern vessels loaded with digital technology. However, bad actors are more likely to attack individual end-users.

Oil and gas industry maritime and inland vessels need a layered approach to network and device-based security protocols. BIOS Technologies puts comprehensive checks and balances in place to detect and reject malware and suspicious communications.

What Are the Risks Involved in the Oil and Gas Sector in New Orleans?

Most attacks in the oil and gas sector include phishing attempts such as social engineering. The most targeted efforts attempt to compromise user credentials. There are also threats to operational technology (OT) networks as well as via devices connect through the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. OT software and hardware include SCADA and similar control systems that control the industry’s physical infrastructure. Unfortunately, hackers have figured out how to access IoT devices with access to global data.

However, OT networks are vulnerable to cyberattacks that can disrupt operations and jeopardize sensitive data, as well as human and device safety. Whereas many of these systems were once isolated from the internet, more companies in the energy, oil and gas and manufacturing industries connect directly to the internet

The study also found that most OT networks can be easily hacked because they do not receive security patches or use antivirus protection. Most use weak passwords that can easily be cracked to gain access to critical industrial devices. Many have one or more rogue devices and wireless access points that hackers can exploit to access the network. Most are using remote management tools, which can be used to manipulate equipment when compromised.

How is Greater Cybersecurity Achieved in the Oil and Gas Industry?

IoT devices lack robust security protocols due to their low power consumption which limits their capabilities. The oil and gas firms should implement the following principles for a more sound cybersecurity framework:

  • Du to the vulnerability of Operational Technologies and IoT systems, these companies need an advanced firewall, aw well as antimalware software and intrusion prevention measures. BIOS Technologies can perform an assessment of your New Orleans business to help you plan and implement a comprehensive security strategy.
  • End-user security must focus on detecting and preventing phishing attempts and malicious content. BIOS Technologies engineers continuously monitor endpoint devices.
  • Cybersecurity systems rely on signatures and continuous monitoring, as well as threat intelligence to block emerging attacks.
  • Oil and gas should consider investing in a security operations center (SOC) for centralized detection and response.

How Can You Find Security Solutions with Experience in the Oil and Gas Industry?

BIOS Technologies offers full-service network services, including security and performance considerations. We are a local firm based in New Orleans with many clients in the energy industry. Contact us today about our end-user, email and internet security services. Your IT infrastructure is managed by our team of technologists using secure connectivity for each location and mobile devices.

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