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Why Should I Move to Outsourced IT Services for My Business?

4 Reasons You Should Use Outsourced IT Services in New Orleans

BIOS Technologies managed IT services to give your New Orleans business a variety of IT infrastructure and support capacities without having to recruit and hire in-house.  

Moving to an outsourced IT Services model for your New Orleans business gives you the expertise you need in a variety of IT infrastructure and support capacities without having to recruit and hire in-house. BIOS Technologies provides the following services to meet your needs:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud support, including desktops and Microsoft Office 365
  • Network and Email Security

If you have an architectural, engineering or legal services firm, you need an IT consulting company that understands the compliance and standards required in your industry. BIOS Technologies has access to a wide pool of talent for these specializations as well as business and IT professionals for complete infrastructure support.

Should I Invest My IT Support Budget on In-House or Outsourced IT Services?

BIOS Technologies consultants put the best interest of your company first. That means that we come in and talk to you about the services you’re happy with in-house and where you’d like to make changes. We work with you to provide IT consultants to shore up your in-house operations or to assume responsibility for anything from desktop support to taking over your network monitoring and security. BIOS Technologies even has virtual CIO services to provide remote or on-site support for your most important technology decisions.

What’s the Advantage of Outsourced IT Services for My Business?

Many people assume that outsourcing IT services will inflate their IT expenditures. Did you know that outsourcing actually reduces costs and gives you a predictable monthly charge that you can accurately budget for? BIOS Technologies provides experienced resources who are up-to-date and experienced in the latest innovations in their fields. Outsourcing your IT services optimizes your infrastructure at a lower price point than all the expenses that come with hiring, paying and supporting in-house staff.

What Is the Managed IT Services Model?

Managed IT Services is a subscription-based suite of services that includes strategic and tactical IT functionality. When you hire BIOS Managed IT Services you improve your uptime thanks to constant monitoring and upgrades that keep your system current and improve your cybersecurity. Plus, you pay a predictable fixed monthly fee. so there are no surprises on the books at the end of the quarter.

Why Choose BIOS Technologies for New Orleans Managed IT Services?

BIOS Technologies offers managed IT services tailored to the needs of each organization we serve. We know that costs are a primary concern for all businesses and offer affordable rates that fit your budget without compromising on service. There’s no long-term contract since we believe in our team and not in trapping clients into commitments that don’t work for them.

Among BIOS Technologies Services in New Orleans, you’ll find the following:

  • Virtual CIO that can consult on business decisions so you can grow without IT issues hindering your expansion.
  • Technology Roadmap starting with mapping current state strengths and limitations and future state needs, as well as how to get there.
  • Seamless Transition from implemented solutions that are taken over by BIOS or handed over to internal staff.
  • Cloud Consulting to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the cloud desktop and Microsoft Office 365. If you aren’t in the Cloud yet, we can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to help you make the best decisions for your company.
  • Network Solutions include 24-hour monitoring and implementation of effective security solutions to prevent downtime and data breaches.

Contact us today about your IT needs and to take the next step forward in tightening up your problem areas or planning for the next major initiative.