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What Proposal Questions To Ask Regarding Outsourcing IT Services In New Orleans?

What Should You Know First About Outsourcing IT Services In New Orleans?

When you’re shopping around for a New Orleans IT services proposal, and the only thing you’re able to tell the call taker is, “I would like to get a proposal for IT services (end to end). We have a 13-person office.” The responses you’ll receive are probably not going to be very helpful.

You’ll receive questions rather than answers. The reason for this, the phrase “end-to-end IT services” is not a predesigned package of IT goods and services, with a price tag attached. That’s because each system in a company, organization or healthcare facility get designed for that particular entity’s needs. Which means your system does not match any other system created. It’s unique.

To assist you the BIOS Technologies group has put together six questions you’ll want to ask first, about the proposal process. Bear in mind; you will also be asked probing questions, which is meant to understand your IT needs.

  • Does Your Company Provide Over The Phone or Onsite IT Services?

Even though we live in the days of advanced technology, when it comes to IT services in New Orleans not everything can be quoted over the phone. Be cautious here, because phone quotes can and do change without notice. We recommend that you have the IT consultant see what your system looks like first and put it in writing; before they throw out a random price quote over the phone.

  • Does Your Proposal Have An Expiration Deadline?

You never want to conclude an IT services proposal, once written, doesn’t expire. All reputable IT Firms will state the deadline; when a decision has to be made, inside the written quote. Once the period has passed, the citation will become null and void. Standard proposal deadlines are one of the following:

  • 30 Days
  • 60 Days
  • 90 Days
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • Will You Provide Multiple Proposal Quotes?

It is not uncommon for large and small companies to request more than one, end-to-end IT services proposal. Most of the time it is three proposals, but only one quote per IT company. But there are times when the request for multiple quotes, from a single IT firm, are needed. For example, a client may be wavering between “As Needed IT Services” or “Completely Outsourcing their IT Department.” These types of requests anticipated, and most IT consultants will provide the needed quotes.

  • Once We Receive Your Proposal Can We Change It?

Usually, when a prospective client reviews a proposal, they may have questions about specific parts they’d like to change. Maybe the price is too high, or a part of the IT service is not needed. As a rule of thumb, an IT firm would not amend their proposal. They would write down what you want to be changed and create a new quote.

  • Can We Cancel The Proposal Before You Get Started?

Some proposals are written and do act as legally binding contracts. If they are, please read the document in its entirety before you sign it. There may be a hidden cancelation processing fee, assessed against your company because the terms of the contract had not ended. We cannot stress this enough; that you must read and understand the fine print. As much as we expect every IT Firm to be professional, fair, and honest in business, there are those who will take advantage.

  • Do You Charge When Providing IT Services Proposals?

There are different proposal fee models IT consultants use when it comes to providing end-to-end IT services quotes. None of the fee practices are good or bad. It’s merely how that particular IT company conducts business.

Here are some of the standard fee practices:

  • Free consultation, assessment and proposal creation
  • The fee is required at time of proposal and is not refundable
  • 1-hour consultation and proposal fee and are not refundable
  • Payment is needed but should customer sign the contract the price gets waived
  • Free consultation but proposal processing fee gets applied to the first-month billing statement

In Conclusion

Requesting a proposal for end-to-end IT services should never be difficult. Knowing what to ask for before the process begins, gives you time to come up with additional questions you might want to be answered. By all means, have them ready before you make that first call.

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