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Benefits of Private Clouds for New Orleans Law Firms

Private Clouds for New Orleans Law Firms

BIOS Technologies offers IT infrastructure and private cloud computing services to law firms in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for an initial evaluation.  

Private Cloud Law Firms

Cloud Services New Orleans Law Firms

Approximately half of organizations surveyed say that cloud BI is “critical” or “very important” to their strategic operations. BIOS Technologies can help your New Orleans law firm determine if a private cloud is the right place to store your data. With a private cloud, your firm receives computing services offered either via a private internal network or the internet. Further, only select members have access to ensure security and performance.

What Are the Benefits of Private Cloud for Law Firms?

Law firms garner several advantages by migrating to the cloud:

  • Avoid single points of failure. A private cloud is not simply a backup of your data files. Storing your systems, programs, and data in the cloud reduces your chances of a data breach. By virtualizing your IT infrastructure, you can easily recover entire systems to the last known good state, minimizing downtime.
  • Reduce server issues. Small and midsize firms in New Orleans need reliable servers to host software for users. a physical server requires constant maintenance and upkeep. However, a private cloud fills the role of the physical server without the hassle since repair, updates, and maintenance are part of the service agreement.
  • Remote management. On-premise servers and computer-based software often limit your legal staff to a single device. Unfortunately, this puts them at a disadvantage. Agility and flexibility are the hallmarks of a successful organization that can adapt and collaborate, whether participants are remotely connected or in the same room. With a private cloud, software and database live on a virtual server, accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Make your data more secure. Keep your firm out of the headlines about data breaches. Having your data on-site might make you feel safer, but it doesn’t make your data more secure. In fact, you could be increasing your risk with this strategy. Do you know how effective your firewall is at detecting and stopping breach attempts? Any Wi-Fi connection to your network increases your exposure, and well-meaning employees can unleash bugs into your system with a single unguarded click on a compromised file or link. Instead, trust consultants from BIOS Technologies to secure your environment with a cloud network run by professionals in the business of protecting the sensitive data of New Orleans law firms.
  • Create an efficient centralized system. If your law firm has satellite offices for remote employees, handling various endpoint connections can be tricky. VPNs provide the necessary security but can be slow, creating a performance issue. If you have multiple offices, you may have to duplicate data, which increases cost and creates complexity in updating multiple data sources. A private cloud can resolve many of these issues. Your firm’s documents, data, software, and email are co-located for uniformity.

Why Choose BIOS Technologies for Private Cloud Implementation?

BIOS Technologies offers IT infrastructure and cloud computing services to law firms in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We have experienced network engineers ready to migrate your data, implement cloud solutions, and maintain high-security standards. Contact us today for an initial evaluation.

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