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Ransomware Becomes Increasingly Prevalent Mode of Attack on New Orleans Business Data

BIOS Technologies Urges Local Businesses to be Informed and Vigilant in Fight against Ransomware

METAIRIE, LA– July 25th 2016 – The need for cyber security has been on the radar and in the playbooks of serious companies and their executives for some years. However, recent advancements in a particularly virulent strain of software called “ransomware” has made even forward-thinking CIOs sit up and take notice. Ransomware attacks are hitting institutions and businesses hard, right here in Louisiana. Ransomware attacks are often accompanied by a demand for incredibly high ransom fees simply to restore access to student information and reinstate productivity.

BIOS Technologies is determined to help arm New Orleans businesses and individuals alike with the knowledge and resources necessary to stay protected. BIOS Technologies has long been at the forefront of building awareness of these threats and keeping their clients protected against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber-criminal activity. Unfortunately, criminals are getting more sophisticated in their software skills and their methodology.  Today’s attacks are not only potentially crippling, but they’re also getting harder and harder to detect.

Ransomware is a dangerous trend in malware viruses that invades and takes control over all business documents and data through encryption. Once vital data making it encrypted it is essentiality ‘held hostage’ and is completely irretrievable and unusable.  Ransomware criminals then use a communications portal within the virus itself to demand that the user pay a large amount of money to “unlock” or unencrypt the files. Usually, these criminals are professional, swift and are able to transmit this vicious malware through infected email attachments as well as other points of access.

The problem is, even with protection in place ransomware isn’t always detectable. That’s because cyber-criminals are constantly updating with new strands and variations, making ransomware viruses more difficult for firewalls and virus protection mechanisms to detect. Even businesses that have a vast system of email filtering, firewall protection while also relying on an antivirus software to protect their systems can be subject to ransomware attacks. Ransomware is constantly developing and evolving – becoming more and more malicious and sophisticated. As ransomware viruses become more and more advanced, their ability to surpass mechanisms of protection only increases.

The Importance of Backups

Through proactive and strategic planning and preparedness, the BIOS Technologies team is committed to ensuring their client base is equipped with comprehensive back-ups in case of attack or disaster. Because of this foresight, BIOS Technologies clients wouldn’t have to pay the ransom to retrieve their files in the case of a breach. However, that doesn’t mean that attacks would be completely without negative impacts. Even with backups in place, damage-control and restoration time to get business back on track can be costly. Though the BIOS Technology team is equipped to get clients up and running quickly, there is a cost associated for the man hours required in having technicians restore the files. Not to mention the lost productivity and wage expenses that businesses suffer because their employees are unable to work for a certain amount of time.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that every attack is different. Depending on the business that is targeted and the level of ransomware sophistication, these costs can end up getting exponentially high. Investing in the correct preparation and protection mechanisms may seem time consuming or costly, however, the cost pales in comparison to the potential damages that a ransomware attack can cause. However, as the prevalence and sophistication of ransomware continues to rise, the potential cost and productivity savings of enlisting IT support is becoming increasingly evident.

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the prevalence of ransomware and the critical importance of cyber-security don’t hesitate to reach out to Kevin Launey at BIOS Technologies. A quick interview can help connect your audience directly with the experts they need to be vigilant in the fight against cybercrime.

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