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5 Top Tips For Metairie Business When Outsourcing Their Tech Support

Is your IT department finding it difficult to make time addressing its users concerns while managing all other IT tasks? It is time to start thinking of a viable tech solution: find a third party in Metairie to help your IT department provide excellent service to those who entrust them with all their technological needs. Here are 5 top tips for Metairie businesses when outsourcing your tech support.

Tip #1: Know Your Limitations as an IT Department

Your business in Metairie may be small or large, and your IT department’s size will likely reflect the size of the organization in terms of numbers of staff but that does not mean it reflects the enormous tasks that the department must handle on a regular basis. Knowing the strengths of the It department just as much as knowing its limitations will be key to performance.

One major limitation that so many IT departments have is time. There is never enough time in the day to get done everything that needs to be done. The problem here is: your users need their technology to get their work done, and they need their technology now, not tomorrow. Time is a huge limitation. Determining those tasks that are most time-consuming and that can easily be undertaken by a third-party organization will be most effective. Computer Economics lists ten IT functions that are most often outsourced, and these functions include the following:

  • Application development
  • Application maintenance
  • Data center operations
  • Database administration
  • Desktop support
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Help desk services
  • IT security
  • Network operations
  • Web Operations.

Through this process of identifying the limitations of your IT department and determining what can and cannot be outsourced, you help make your IT department more efficient over time.

Tip #2: Know When It’s Time to Outsource Tech Support

If your IT department is struggling to meet deadlines or to complete tasks in a timely manner, then you may already know it is time to think about outsourcing tech support, but there are other key indicators that can help you identify if it is time.

  • Is it time to start saving money? Outsourcing is a means to save your company money. The fact is, outsourced personnel means lower labor costs, fewer taxes, cheaper infrastructure because you do not have to have additional office space to house the outsourced staff.
  • Do you want better use of internal resources? When you outsource mundane IT functions, you free up time for your internal IT staff to provide their services to your staff as they were intended to do. Your IT staff is a huge resource to your company, and they were hired likely because of specific skills they bring to the organization. Freeing up their time to address specific company matters rather than getting bogged down on day-to-day IT tasks is a better use of your internal resources.
  • Do your business processes need to be more efficient? Again, if your IT staff is spending too much time conducting mundane IT tasks and not focusing on the more specific, complicated tasks, it’s likely that things are not getting completed in due time. This is problematic because it makes the entire business run less efficiently.
  • Does your business have the need to upscale fast? If so, then outsourcing some IT tasks is ideal. If you are taking on new business and hiring new personnel, then an outsourced IT department can easily help you with the added IT tasks.
  • Do you need to improve workflow? Many third-party IT departments work round the clock, 24/7. It is one of their perks. If you require IT services so that workflow goes uninterrupted, outsourcing is a good idea.

Tip #3: Know What Your Goals Are with Outsourced Tech Support

Now that you know entering into a service-level agreement (SLA) with a third-party tech company may be in your company’s best interest to maximize efficiency and workflow, you need to identify and set goals for the outsourced tech support. This is your way of knowing that the relationship is worth it to you and your company and that you are getting what you expected out of it.

Examples of Common Goals

  • Reduced expenses
  • Quality improvement
  • Raise efficiency
  • Time-savings
  • Increased security
  • Upscale capabilities
  • Additional skills and resources

If any of the above or another intention is your goal, you want to clarify that goal and provide a numeric value so it can be measured. Like any company planning and budgeting, you need to set performance metrics and provide specific outcomes before you contract with a third-party IT vendor.

Tip #4: Know How to Find the Right Third-Party Tech Support Company

When you are outsourcing some of your IT functions, you need to make sure you are doing so with a company who can provide long-term, strategic IT assistance. This means you want to make sure your internal IT manager/IT personnel can:

  • Manage the relationship with the outsourced tech support team;
  • Maintain ownership and control over data; and
  • Ensure security is everyone’s top priority.

Manage the Third-Party Relationship

Outsourcing requires oversight. It is important to remember that though you are outsourcing some tasks, you are adding a task to your IT manager’s desk: managing the relationship with the third-party IT company. You will need an in-house point person who can work with the outsourced IT company on a regular basis, providing information to the third-party IT team just as much as managing that third-party IT staff to ensure projects are completed properly and in due time.

Control Data

According to Statista, control of data is one IT task that is outsourced by 40 percent of companies who outsource some IT tasks. One reason for this is simple: it is an easy task to outsource. In fact, it can be done by any IT third-party organization pretty much anywhere in the world because of web and mobile capabilities and advancements. But the problem with this is: if something goes wrong, you are most likely responsible for it. There could be legal and liability issues at risk. As such, maintaining control of your data even when it has been outsourced is key to a successful relationship between your company and the third-party IT company.

Maintain Security

Security is another IT task that is often outsourced. First and foremost, even when outsourced, security is the responsibility of your company’s IT department. You absolutely cannot risk customer, client, or personnel data. You cannot allow it to become vulnerable or exposed to hackers. You must be vigilant and proactive about your company’s data and how the outsourced company handles it.

Tip #5: Know Who to Contact for Outsourced Tech Support in Metairie

Now that you know what you want, it is important to find the right tech support in Metairie for your company. Here are two things to keep in mind:

  • Find a local IT vendor. You do not want the hassle of communicating with an IT vendor who cannot be onsite within minutes to provide tech support. You do not want an IT vendor that is located across the country or — for that matter — the world who does not understand the unique business environment of Metairie. You want a local vendor.
  • Find a local IT vendor with the resources and skills. Your purpose to retain a third-party IT vendor is to improve your company’s performance and free up your internal resources. You do not want to have to spend time helping those who are supposed to be helping you. The third-party IT services provider must be equipped with a quality, experienced team and have the resources to dedicate to the job.

Is there a trustworthy IT tech support company in Metairie that can provide you with all your outsourcing needs? There is.

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