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Three Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Advantage Of The Cloud

Mass-market cloud storage has become widely available to consumers, but professionals are the cloud computing power users. Finding cloud computing companies to help find new ways you can take advantage of the cloud is the key!

Businesses have data – there’s no way around that. From customer information to transaction logs and details, from billing and payment processing to payroll records, businesses store data on this and everything in between. In fact, regulatory requirements may impact the length of time by law a business must keep certain data on file. At one time, this meant rows of large filing cabinets with thousands of file folders – and hoping files were stored appropriately. A misplaced file might never be found!

Once data became digitized, the rows of filing cabinets became replaced by a larger server room, humming with dozens of machines running nonstop to maintain the electronic processes businesses needed to keep operations running smoothly.

New considerations needed to be factored in as a result of this transition:

  • More office space needed for dedicated computer space
  • Increased power consumption and heat generation, resulting in higher cooling energy consumption and overall utility costs
  • Payroll impact from staff needed to maintain technology
  • Expensive equipment purchase and ongoing upgrades

This is just a short list of all the issues businesses faced with the digitization of data – seems counterproductive, right? Technology has definitely helped a business run more efficiently, but there is a cost.

Waste Not

The concept of outsourcing is nothing new in the professional world. Outsourcing a process or service offers significant cost savings and generally results in the more efficient use of resources and increased productivity. Companies have outsourced payroll and human resources for decades, utilizing the expertise and efficiency available through economies of scale. Data is no different!

The appeal of offsite data storage accessible via secure network connection prompted the birth of an industry, with hundreds of cloud computing companies to choose from in every niche and location. Cloud file storage became the filing cabinet’s version of the data server room.

How Does the Cloud Work?

A collective of components communicates with each other via a secure network for individuals or a group of users within a shared environment. These technology components use the Internet to allow access to users from remote geographical locations and can expand as needed.

Benefits of the Cloud

The benefits of the cloud to a business are as expansive as the service offering, but can be classified into three main advantages:

  • Productivity
    • Access. Communication. Reduced downtime. Any way you look at it, storing your data in the cloud, accessible from anywhere with secured access, including on the go, eliminates those “when I get back to the office” moments and only produces positive results!
  • Efficiency
    • So many factors: cost, time, resource allocation. No matter how you describe it, the cloud saves you time and money. Remember those filing cabinets and servers? Nope, no need. The cloud computing companies have discovered ways to focus their business model to pass savings along to the customer, freeing up resources to reinvest in a business.
  • Redundancy
    • Here, this is a good thing. Backing up data on a regular basis can prevent downtime, on a good day, and catastrophic failure, on a bad day. Safeguarding data to protect against data loss is just smart. Back it up, store it, and have everything you need should data loss require a recovery. In this case, thank goodness for the Redundancy Office of Redundancy!

What does this mean for you?

In New Orleans, BIOS Technologies can help you decide how the cloud can work for you. Adoption of the cloud is just beginning to realize the full potential, and businesses are realizing successful operations rely on the use of the cloud. Cloud computing companies offer a myriad of options, and BIOS Technologies wants to help your business integrate the cloud into your operations with seamless success.

Taking an investigative approach to your needs and technology use, BIOS Technologies can offer a detailed roadmap for how you can take advantage of the cloud in strategic and unique ways.

  • Cloud Desktops
    • Security and reliability are the most critical elements of cloud storage, but from the end-user perspective, the functionality is the most important component. The user experience dictates how – or even if – the cloud solution is used. Cloud desktops offer a unified dashboard for a centralized user base.
  • Office 365
    • The Microsoft Office Suite of productivity apps is used by nearly every professional office, but for staff that needs to gain entry to files from multiple access points, multiple licenses can add up to a costly redundancy. Enter Office 365, Microsoft’s subscription-based web apps! The same intuitive user interfaces from the desktop apps with the ease and accessibility of the cloud. Teams can now work from anywhere, completing tasks more timely and communicating with immediacy and efficiency.

BIOS Technologies believes that clients deserve solutions that cater to their needs, and not be forced into a boxed category. Technology should offer reliability, scalability, and innovative features within reach, and all companies can share in the benefits!

What can you expect from BIOS Technologies and our cloud services?

  • Security
    • BIOS Technologies secures your data and reinforces access through a single login, with two-factor authentication at the client’s request. We regularly review cybersecurity to ensure both regulatory compliance and state-of-the-art protection for you and your data.
  • Support
    • BIOS Technologies guarantees comprehensive user support for our clients, with Help Desk options, on-site visits, remote monitoring for desktops, laptops, and network protection, as well as safeguarding against viruses and malware.
  • Simplicity
    • Straightforward systems that are ready to go and user-friendly in minutes!

BIOS Technologies is here to deliver simple, straightforward, and safe solutions for our clients and wants to help you take full advantage of the cloud. The first step is easy, and migrating is painless with our easy process for your business. Don’t settle for hassles or headaches – let BIOS Technologies show you how to harness the power of the cloud today!

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