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Is Your Company Vulnerable to These Top Cybersecurity Threats?

What are the top cybersecurity threats impacting organizations throughout New Orleans? BIOS Technologies helps businesses protect assets.

Top Cybersecurity Threats Impacting Organizations In New Orleans

Is there malicious software rampaging through your network, capturing sensitive data, and exfiltrating it to hackers? While it may sound far-fetched, companies of all sizes are finding that cybersecurity threats are continuing to be a problem — even with a greater focus on protecting against problems such as ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) schemes. There are always going to be new staff members or those without adequate training that will click a link that allows hackers to access your business information, but companies can reduce the risk by taking strategic action to thwart these cybercriminals. These top security threats are the ones that are causing companies millions of dollars on an annual basis and reducing consumer confidence in even the world’s largest brands.

Cybersecurity Security in New Orleans

IoT Attacks Are On the Rise

With an estimated 75 billion devices expected to be online by 2025, cybercriminals are honing in on mobile phones, tablets, routers and other devices as delivery mechanisms for malware and entry points to company networks. Everything from smartphones to webcams, home security devices to heart monitors are included in the total — all with the potential to be turned into a threat to your organization. Maintaining secure connections to these myriad devices and ensuring that each one has up-to-date patches and security information is becoming an increasing challenge for IT departments of all sizes.

Third-Party Vendor Risks

You’ve locked down internal networks, regulated access for staff members and contractors. You’re diligently applying patches, updating software and running threat assessments. Even with all of this security-related activity, your company is still vulnerable to a growing spectrum of threats: third-party vendor risk. While you have some measure of control over the activities that occur within the walled garden of your organization, it’s impossible to consider the intricacies of the security posture of each of your vendors and partners. Data integration points, software sharing and even file transfers offer opportunities for cybercriminals to gain fingerholds within your company.

Brute Force Attacks Are Back with a Vengeance

You may not have heard much about brute force attacks over the past several years, but it is not because these attacks have disappeared. While brute force attacks — also known as password attacks — do not garner as many headlines as ransomware, they are still very much a concern for companies of all sizes. Even as companies attempt to revise their password policies to ensure staff members go beyond the “Welcome123” password paradigm, data breaches persist and are an ongoing problem for corporations. A combination of good password hygiene, stringent standards for allowing access to corporate networks and anti-virus software are needed to combat this growing concern.

Evolving Ransomware Is Threatening Your Organization

It was bad enough when ransomware locked down all of your company’s databases — forcing you to either pay a stupendous amount of money or risk permanently losing access to customer and business data. Today’s ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, ransomware is a growing concern for organizations of all sizes. The new strains of ransomware code provide less opportunity for security personnel to track the payments, which are often requested in Bitcoin or other untraceable currency. Demands are getting bolder and foreign actors are exploding onto the ransomware arena with multimillion-dollar demands such as the request for $42 million to release a celebrity law firm’s data.

Creating a Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

You can’t simply protect your organization against email scams or from data incursions. Cybercriminals are continually pecking away at defenses, trying to find a soft spot that allows for deep infiltration — and the theft of exclusive business information or valuable customer data. From malware such as ransomware to business email compromise activities, your company needs a layered approach to cybersecurity that provides protection across the organization. This can be challenging to define and implement using only internal resources, as 60% of IT professionals recently shared in the ISACA State of Cybersecurity global report that their cybersecurity budgets are “lacking” — with only one-third of respondents feeling that their cybersecurity strategies are adequately funded. IT teams are stretched in too many different directions to allow a cohesive approach to cybersecurity without the addition of external partners that specialize in this ever-changing field.

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