300 years is a lot to be excited about, and BIOS Technologies will celebrate the New Orleans Tricentennial with a special opportunity for one lucky local business.

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We’ve been around for three centuries

What's the secret to this longevity?

  • Working together.
  • Being part of something bigger than ourselves.
  • Respecting one another.
There are many reasons New Orleans has made it to 300 years

And, when we focused on this, we got to thinking...

  • What's the secret to longevity in New Orleans?
  • Why do some businesses continue to succeed?
  • What tips can business owners of companies that have been around for many years share with startups?
The answer to all of these questions?


Technology is essential to the operation of companies both large and small throughout New Orleans. As many of us compete on the global stage, technology solutions and services provide us a competitive advantage over others.

However, technology has to be done right, installed by professionals, and taken care of by experts who know what they’re doing. Here are a few tips on how to establish a solid IT foundation for your business that will get you through the next 300 years:

  1. 1. Invest wisely in the right IT Solutions. The truth is, there are a number of IT companies in the New Orleans area that can take care of your computers. But, how many can sit down with you and make sure you’re using the right IT solutions? Not many. BIOS Technologies can.
  2. 2. Keep your staff happy. Morale is essential to growing a business. Technology breakdowns are one of the top reasons employee morale suffers. And when this happens, they leave. Make sure your technology is monitored and running perfectly to keep your staff morale high. BIOS can do this.
  3. 3. Security. Ransomware, hackers and, simply put, bad people, are always looking for ways to disrupt your business. You don’t want to become another statistic by allowing cybercrime to rob you of your data. Make sure you have a proper cyber security solution in place to keep the bad guys out. BIOS can protect your IT.
  4. 4. Data Backup and Business Continuity. Your business will never get to 300 years if you lose your data. Data loss is one of the main reasons businesses shut down. The stats are alarming. Google them, and you’ll see for yourself. BIOS can keep your data secure.