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How Can Virtual Desktops Keep New Orleans Businesses In The Black?

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Windows Virtual Desktop: All That Small Business Owners Need To Know

Currently, 90% of all enterprises require virtual desktops or some kind of cloud-computing solution for their daily operations. This figure is set to grow if past the factors influencing these trends remain constant.

But what’s does this imply? First, virtual desktop solutions significantly reduce operational costs while maximizing outputs of such companies. It significantly reduces workloads by automating certain repetitive processes.
Virtual desktops also come with interfaces that make it easier for teams or businesses to collaborate. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is one of Microsoft’s best cloud-powered innovations that could propel your business into the future.

Here are a few things that will help small business owners demystify virtual computing and how it could boost their productivity and profit margins.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Exactly What’s Windows Virtual Desktop?

It’s a desktop and app visualization service that runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. This service allows companies to run office 365 and other programs seamlessly across multiple devices and sessions.

What Can You Do With Windows Virtual Desktop?

This service delivers a world of convenience as it visualizes both the desktop and apps. If you have windows 10, you can setup multi-session deployments optimized for various user scenarios.

This allows you to simulate the existing RDMS (Remote Desktop Services), desktops, and apps seamlessly to any computer. Microsoft also offers free extended security updates to existing Windows 7 virtual desktops.

What Are The System Requirements For Windows Virtual Desktop?

This cloud service works on virtually all types of computers as long as they connect to the internet. However, there few things you’d need to connect all your users’ desktops and applications.

WVD works on the following operating system if they have the appropriate licenses:

  1. Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session or Windows 10 Enterprise
  2. Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  3. Windows 7 Enterprise

Your system architecture also needs an Azure Active Directory synched to A Windows Server Active Directory. It’s also essential to configure this setup with Azure AD connects or its domain service.

Are There Any Hardware Requirements For Small Businesses?

WVD runs on virtually any device. The service is so versatile that it seamlessly on high spec devices on lower spec devices. It even works on Apple devices, and you can even test out the android preview.

Here are the minimum system requirements for Windows Virtual Desktop:

  1. 4 GB ram
  2. A Core i5-250k processor
  3. ATI HD 7000/Rx 200 or NVidia GTX 640 graphics card
  4. At least 500 GB of a free hard disc space
  5. 1024 MB dedicated video memory
  6. Open GL support

Does Windows Virtual Desktop Support Mobile Devices?

You can access all WVD services on all Android and Chromebook devices that support Google Play Store. The same is also true for iOS devices. In both instances, download and install the companion app and connect to a feed to stay updated.

Microsoft has also collaborated with Samsung to make it easier with the Samsung DeX app. This application transforms most Samsung devices into desktop machines. It even comes with Keyboard and Mouse support without the need for additional software.

How Does Windows Virtual Desktop Enhance The Productivity Of Small Businesses?

Virtual desktop and other cloud computing solutions offer a variety of advantages to companies. Microsoft’s latest innovations open a new world of possibilities. It’s not a fad that will fade with time. It’s sparking a revolution that will completely change the way we do business.

So, it makes sense to jump into the bandwagon as soon as possible to leverage these tools for a more productive office. But before you do so, here are a few advantages to using WVD:

  • Significantly Reduces Hardware Costs: When setting up an office, you might need to acquire several computers with specific storage and computing power. Buying these computers will set you back financially. Plus, you’ll incur additional costs when you seek to upgrade your system. However, with WVD reduces the storage and processing needs of your system. Windows Azure handles that for you with it’s cutting edge cloud capabilities.
  • Elevates Security and Compliance: Virtual desktop technologies store all your data in one secure location. This reduces the risk of data loss, misuse, or corruption compared to when it’s stored in multiple computers. WVD also makes it easier for your company to implement security protocols across your entire network. This even works in instances when you need to enact security patches or system-wide updates. Microsoft Azure also certification meets the highest security and compliance criteria when compared to other cloud services. This could significantly reduce your cybersecurity costs without leaving you exposed to potential threats.
  • Encourages Mobility: So, you’re on a business trip, laptop in tow. You power up your device to get working on a project only to realize that you left something vital in your main workstation. Does this feel familiar? Well, It’s quite common, and it’s why WVD and other cloud computing solutions exist. WVD will solve such problems by allowing you access to your workstation even when on the go. It also grants your entire team access to files and software even from mobile devices’ convenience.
  • Encourages Continuity: While you can’t predict accidents and natural disasters such as floods, you can contain the effects of the damage. In such incidents, all the workstations in your office may be rendered completely out of commission. You may have sufficient data backups, but you’ll still have to wait for it to be uploaded into your new devices. With WVD, all your data remains intact and in secure locations. Your team can keep on working even as they wait for new offices and workstations.

How BIOS Technologies Helps Support Your Virtual Desktops

Windows Virtual Desktop revolutionizing the way companies operate in New Orleans and all over the world. It’s extremely convenient to have all your desktop app and client data handy while on the move. It eases collaboration on projects. And, it’s the secret to keeping remote workers on one page.

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