The Price of Getting Hacked

Depending on the scope of the attack, the cost of getting hacked can be in the hundreds of thousands or more. Here’s what you need to know.  When it comes to cyberattacks, all too often the bad guys win. Hackers have targeted local governments, airports, banks, and businesses, stealing usernames, passwords, and sensitive private data. […]

Secrets to Searching Tabs on Chrome (It’s Time to Get Organized!)

Save Time and Headaches by Searching Your Open Tabs Instantly It is easy to lose track of which open tab contains the information you need when you are researching. Use this Chrome tool to instantly find the right tab.   Do you do a lot of research online for work or school? Then you know […]

Hesitant To Move Your Architecture Firm To The Cloud?

The cloud has a lot to offer architecture firms – more than just the ability to back up your photos. Are you missing out on what the cloud has to offer?

How Is AI Changing The Accounting Industry?

When used judiciously, not only can AI free up your staff to take on other tasks, and automate accounting processes, it can help you improve your operations and reduce costs.

Why Do Architectural Firms Need Managed IT Services?

If you’re running a busy architectural firm, you probably don’t have much time to think about your technology. Yet, you expect IT solutions to always work for you and perform optimally at all times. If you use Managed IT Services, they will. Managed IT Services Take The Worry Out Technology Some architectural firms try to […]

How To Secure Your Business IT In Less Than An Hour

By performing regular Deep Scan IT Audits your IT service company can protect your technology assets, guard against downtime, and help you sleep better at night. These Audits include both network and security assessments.

Will Your Business Be Impacted by the End of Microsoft Exchange 2010?

Will Your Business Be Impacted by the End of Microsoft Exchange 2010? Exchange 2010 has been a great program for businesses for many years, but its time is now winding down. Find out what this means for your business.  All good things must come to an end. For Microsoft Exchange 2010, that end will happen […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Dark Web

What Is the Dark Web and How Can You Stay Off It? Ever heard of the dark web? It’s definitely not a place you want your company’s information to be. Learn everything you need to know about the dark web here.   Most people have heard about the dark web in one form or another. […]

Capital One Data Breach Affects More Than 100 Million Customers

Capital One Data Breach Affects More Than 100 Million Customers and Small Businesses in The U.S. & 6 Million in Canada On July 29, 2019, Capital One reported that their customers’ confidential information was compromised. This includes the Social Security and bank account numbers of more than 100 million people and small businesses in the U.S., […]

Companies Held Responsible for Tech Security

Major Fines for IT Data Breaches Outdated machines, software or employee practices can lead to major security problems. These big companies faced painful fines for their IT mistakes. As companies increase their online activity, data collection and eCommerce, the stakes will continue to rise. Companies that are lax, poorly prepared or sloppy are facing disastrous […]