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​​Data Backups & Disaster Recovery

​​Ensure your business continuity when disaster strikes.

​​In the face of ever evolving and increasingly devastating cyber threats, natural disasters, and unforeseen incidents (e.g., hardware failures or human errors), businesses face the significant risks of prolonged downtime, vital data loss, revenue loss, reputation damage, and more. 

BIOS experts provide peace of mind

BIOS Technologies is the preferred Data Backup and Disaster Recovery provider for Louisiana and Gulf Coast businesses looking for cutting-edge, comprehensive IT and cybersecurity solutions.

The survival of your business depends on your ability to recover quickly and efficiently. That's why having a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan in place is essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Business professional with data security from BIOS Technonlogies

Why BIOS Technologies:

BIOS’ cutting-edge IT and cybersecurity solutions are always customized to fit your unique business’ challenges, goals, and budget. We aim to radically improve your workplace, stop disruptions from repeating, and ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve.

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​BIOS Technologies offers comprehensive Data Backups and Disaster Recovery services, including:

Key Features

What's Included

​Data Security & Storage

​BIOS can  deploy regular and automated backups of your critical data, and securely replicate and store your data in off-site locations, providing redundancy and protection against physical damage or sitespecific disasters. This ensures that your data is available for recovery even if your primary location is compromised.

​Automated & Regular Backups

​We can employ automated backup processes to ensure consistent and reliable data backups. This eliminates the risk of human error and guarantees the availability of up-to-date copies of your critical information.

​Disaster Recovery Planning

​BIOS experts can work closely with you to develop comprehensive disaster recovery plans, tailored to your business s unique needs. By simulating various disaster scenarios, we can fine-tune the recovery procedures, identify any potential gaps, and enhance the overall resilience of your systems.

Testing & Validation

​We conduct regular testing and validation of the backup and recovery processes to ensure their effectiveness. By simulating real world scenarios, we validate the integrity of your backups and fine-tune recovery procedures.

​Scalability & Flexibility

​BIOS’ data backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to scale with your business needs. As your data grows or your infrastructure evolves, we can adapt the backup and recovery processes to accommodate changes and ensure continued data resilience.

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“We’ve been working with BIOS for years. They are always recommending better ways to use our technology and are always there when we’re having issues. It’s been a great partnership.”

John E. Mayeaux

Industry : Finance
BIOS Technologies Partner since 2011

“As a law firm, system security is essential to our client confidentiality obligations. BIOS has been our technology partner for years. BIOS helped get our system set up initially and continues to make sure that we are protected. They made working across our multiple offices as well as remotely from home both easy and efficient. To say that we are pleased, would be an understatement.”

Jim Bradford

Industry : Legal

BIOS Technologies Partner since 2009

“We knew that we could improve our technology planning but didn’t realize how much! BIOS worked with us to figure out what we needed initially and has paved the way for where we are today. Our office runs so much more smoothly!”

Timothy P. Bonura, PE


Industry : Engineering

BIOS Technologies Partner since 2013

Partner Satisfaction

Glowing Reviews

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​In the event of data loss or system failure, BIOS’ disaster recovery plans allow for quick and efficient restoration of your data. They minimize downtime, and get your business back up and running without delay.

Rapid Data Recovery

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​BIOS can work closely with you to develop comprehensive business continuity plans tailored to your needs. These plans encompass backup and recovery strategies, alternative operating procedures, and system redundancy, to ensure uninterrupted operations during adverse events.

​Business Continuity

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​Our data backup and disaster recovery services help you meet industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements. We can help you to safeguard your sensitive customer information, maintain data integrity, and demonstrate your commitment to data privacy.

​Compliance & Legal Requirements

​Here are just some of the improvements you ll see in your business when you enlist BIOS’ data backup and disaster recovery services:

Key Benefits

Added Value

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