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3 Ways to Turn Cybersecurity Into a Business Enabler

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Turn Cybersecurity Into a Business Enabler

It’s nearly impossible to skim through online news headlines without seeing some sort of disastrous cybersecurity story — millions of consumer credit cards hijacked by state-sponsored hackers, companies that have had massive data breaches . . . These painful details are shared repeatedly through professional circles, with IT experts shaking their heads and thinking “I could have done better than that!”. The reality is that most internal IT teams are unable to provide the level of support needed to fully protect your company against a direct cyberattack. However, there are certain steps that you can take that may reduce the risk of this type of expensive attack on company assets. With cybercrime rising in prominence and phishing attacks accounting for over $17,000 in losses every minute, companies don’t have time to waste when it comes to staying protected against these vicious attacks.

Cybersecurity Services In New Orleans

Make Your Company Unattractive (to Hackers, That Is!)

The majority of a leader’s time is spent making their department or company attractive to executives, customers, and other key constituents. When it comes to cyber activity, the best way to protect your organization is to sew up all potential avenues of egress to company assets. This means locking down your data structures, weaving protection around your servers and immediately plugging all known vulnerabilities. Engaging in these top-level layers of protection may be enough to cause a cybercriminal to keep looking for an easier target instead of pursuing your company’s digital assets.

Combine Technology Tools with Ongoing Staff Training

You can put all the tools in the world into place, but you can’t stop the biggest problem that companies have when it comes to cybersecurity: human behavior. With phishing attacks representing 80% of security incidents, it’s clear that hackers realize where the weak link is in your security — your staff members! One-time training on what not to do when it comes to spam emails simply won’t be sufficient. Companies that commit to ongoing, in-depth training protocols for all staff members are the ones that stay protected during this challenging cybersecurity climate.

Get Dedicated to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Just as putting a firewall in place isn’t a “one and done” solution, your team must have a long-term commitment to cybersecurity. This means regular updates for all software and hardware, regular reviews and penetration testing, upgraded user training, and active monitoring of network activity and user status. This type of activity requires a fair amount of dedication at all levels of the organization, particularly when it comes to having the approved funds in place to drive meaningful change around the topic.

See how companies of all sizes are creating an additional layer of cybersecurity protection when you partner with highly-trained professionals. The team at BIOS Technologies can confidently support the needs of your New Orleans company from a cybersecurity and operational perspective. Contact our team at 504-233-7046 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation or send an email to to get started. We ensure that you gain the greatest value from your technology through a strong partnership that is continually looking to the future.

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